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    Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) - Botting And Cheating

    Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) Botting and Cheating

    This guide will explain everything you need to know to bot or cheat in Adventure Quest Worlds.

    Trainers and Bots

    A trainer is a program that will automate the farming and completion of quests. The trainer will attack monsters, collect drops, turn in quests and accept rewards. Currently there are 2 major Trainers available, both a very good in their own ways. You will have to try them both too see which one you like the best:

    - by @D.V

    Le Bot
    - by @JamesRo

    To find new bots for both programs just browse the AQW Release section, you should be able to find a .dmbot file to your liking. A .dmbot is a pre-configured bot that you can just load straight into your trainer.


    Currently using trainers has a very low risk of getting you banned. If you try to stick to these simple precautions you should be safe.
    • Set your bot to join private rooms. This will eliminate the risk of running into other players that may report you for botting.
    • Don't talk about botting or using trainers in the AQW chat.
    • Disable /goto in the game settings.
    • Don't post your in-game username on this forum.
    • Change rooms occasionally (If the bot doesn't change rooms already.) It will stop people from getting suspicious of you being in the same place for a long time.

    Packet Spamming

    The Packet Spammer is a more advanced way of cheating in Adventure Quest Worlds. Although it is highly effective in some cases, misuse can lead to an immediate ban. The spammer allows you to force the game to execute certain commands, these commands can be simple like opening a quest window or going to a certain location or they can be more advanced like forcing the game to give you certain achievements or reputation. I'm going to save you the time in asking questions about what you can and can't do with packet spamming and put them here:
    • Can you get character page badges? Yes
    • Can you spawn items? No
    • Can you open all rare shops/quests? No
    • Can you join rare locations? No
    • Can you spawn gold? No
    • Can you get XP? Yes
    • Can you get reputation? Yes

    Shop and Quest Loading

    Shop and quest loading is possible, shop loading is somewhat risky at this stage but still works. Quest loading still works fine. You can not load rare quests or shops unless AE hasn't removed them from the game. There is a great list of still working rare shops here by @jeppe2115 and this thread by @angel.7o7 & @The T Editor contains all quest IDs to date

    Membership and Adventure Coins

    It is impossible to use cheats or hacks to add membership/legend or Adventure Coins to your account. If anyone tells you that they can, they are most likely lying to you. Any programs that state that you can enter your username and password for gold, ACs or Legend are just going to steal your account or leave you with a nice virus.


    Q: Does AE Browse this Forum?
    A: Yes, they ban people that show their usernames on threads related to selling, trading and buying or botting

    Q: Why do people get banned for botting?
    A: They got caught by a moderator (very rare), got reported loads of times, posted their username on here or used detected packet spammer codes.

    Q: My trainer won't open! How do I fix it?
    A: Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. It should fix any simple errors or black screens. Make sure you use Internet Explorer for the download of Flash as Google Chrome won't install it to the PC just itself.

    Q: Will I get banned for buying and item from a rare shop that I loaded?
    A: If the item is purchasable through gold the chance of being banned is extremely low. If the item is AC it will be logged in your AC purchases as being bought after the item was rare, it shouldn't matter too much but it's worth being cautious.

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