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    Lightbulb Class Attack order for custom made bots


    so i have 2 issues for today

    1.) im trying to create a custom bot for honor hall, on le bot, and so far it was working, until i reached a certain issue

    "the class i was using (stonecrusher) skill order was really screwy skipping over some of the skills in the skill order i use daily and as a result i constantly die to the level 75 monster: icy hoof"

    as its not wise to use a farming class in honor hall i was wondering if anyone knew the skill order for botting with stonecrusher/solo classes

    2.) i was also going to create a battleground-d bot on le bot, and with a similar setup to honor halls script i was going to use shaman/blaze binder class to make it farm quickly. but then for some reason when it goes to battleground-d it wont allow me to jump room automatically, and rather just jumps to the room and doesnt do anything afterwards even with the next command of what room its supposed to jump to

    if i can get over these 2 things and after further testing and someone explaining the upload process, i wouldnt mind sharing the battleground-d bot with everyone

    any help with either problem is appreciated

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    1 week has passed and no further replies have been made by the OP. Assuming solved.

    If you need help with anything, feel free to PM/VM me about it.


    Please make sure to always ask me for a confirmation PM/VM before proceeding with any deal that supposedly involves me.


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