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    Talking Merge shop glitch that works on every server :)

    Before i tell you how to do this glitch, this glitch is originally found from AQW and after i test it on pirvate servers it does work! It works with any Merge shop and is very simple the only thing that you lose ( if done correctly) Is if it takes Gold for the merge but the actual items you wont lose! So let's get started !

    Here are the steps:
    1. Go to the Merge Shop you want to glitch with and make sure you have the items required or else this won't work.
    2. Open another tab (Doesn't matter what page your in, just open a new tab.)
    3. Click the item you want to glitch with and hover (point your mouse cursor) on the "BUY" button.
    4. Hold the "CTRL" button and press the "BUY" button and right after you click "BUY" press "W" while holding the "CTRL" button ( CTRL+W Closes the tab)
    6. Go to the other tab and log-on your account and when you've done all the steps correctly you should have the item you merged and the items you used to merge that item


    I don't have any screenshots and i'm sorry for that but it really works (NOT A 100% CHANCE)!

    Please leave comments if this glitch is patched in some servers to help some people out. ~PhoenixPrime Da Nub

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    /Moved to the correct section.
    If you need help with anything, feel free to PM/VM me about it.


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