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    Quote Originally Posted by Robotkubo View Post
    Looks great considering you just came back to it
    Thank you

    and as i said before guys if you see something that needs improve on these please let me know it helps me a lot actually


    Quote Originally Posted by Deity View Post
    Love this guy - Best designs around!
    Quote Originally Posted by Otisホ View Post
    + rep ,That guy is a god, i just told him what i want, and he did it as i said.Same idea was in my mind, thanks !
    Quote Originally Posted by ashley_cole23199 View Post
    +1 Vouch

    Made me the sickest logo for business, definitely going to be doing future business with him, by far the best graphics designer I've used on mpgh so far!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by rop89 View Post
    Love this guy! So chill, done an amazing job on my thread and also offer free edits? What more could you ask for! THe price was basically nothing! GOing to get him to my avatar and signature soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by Heinchein View Post
    +1 for this guy, make me a logo in 2 hours ! +++ Perfect
    Quote Originally Posted by Nice View Post
    Vouch, great designs for an affordable price. Would recommend.
    Quote Originally Posted by Endl3ss View Post
    voch he made me some amazing thread work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick9185GR View Post
    I am really thankful it did help alot...thanks man!! (funny coincidence 22 its my fav number xD)
    Yeah no problem man.
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