most were gifts i amde just yesterday, for YES ********. hacking maple interests me lately. i neva weas ghood at avataars, and lately ive gone abstract style so i dont think these are too bad. theyre simple but not bland IMO

no flaming, but C+C welcome.

this one im not too fond of but this was what he requested so meh

i really like this one, i freballed and it came out nicely.

i thought id make one for myself

again i dont relaly like this but it is as the user requested

he also wanted a myspace devil style avatar, and i just threw his name on and saved it as a new avatar for him. wasnt too good but MEH he likes it

this one he just asked for an avatar so i went nuts

this one, he only requested the moving thing over the text and a nice abstract avatar. so i did it for him :P

ive done more but cbf uploading