I hope that day comes soon when we see each other in heaven,
For your soul was taken to soon at age only forty-seven,
And I wonder when that day will come for I dream of it often,
Wondering when will we see all our loved ones, all of them,
I wish you were here to watch me graduate and start my life,
Maybe get married someday and have a wonderful wife,
I wish that you were here to watch how the Lord has transformed me,
From a young foolish boy into a man steadily,
I wish so desperately to see your deep green eyes again,
I let out my feelings pain and regret through this pin,
And then rest and reminisce on those days of the past,
Wishing those moments back for I would make them forever last,
For time is too precious I found out to not let your loved ones know,
That they mean the world to you that they are the ones that make your heart glow,
But I must not dwell on the past I must look forward for tomorrow,
For that maybe the day when the Lord comes and takes this sorrow,
That maybe the day that I see you and get to tell you how much I sincerely love you,
My great grandmother and grandfather too,
Tell those you love how much you care for them,
For time went to fast and I sure wish I would of told him.