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    How do i know, whether a player is banned or not.

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to know, how do i know whether a player is banned or not. I mean i have the origin name, using SS of origin account. Because i am trading i just want to assure everything is good. His Origin Name is : ToLifes
    Can anybody help me with it, and would require some advice whether it would be safe to trade with him, i don't want to be banned right after purchasing. I won't be hacking bf4 though!
    And is it possible to know whether he has all the dlcs, and is he premium.
    And there only 5 dlcs currently right, will there be more dlc in the future for bf4.
    I am new to this, so yeah.
    And is there any other way in which i might get compromised. I do know i am too concerned, I just can't help it.
    Here i am posting the SS he sent:
    I need all the experienced members, Minions...etc.


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    You need his GUID to check it.
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