Recently there has been an influx in sellers opting to only provide their Skype contact details in their thread design image only. This is perfectly fine and acceptable in a normal case. However, this denies the ability for anyone to search for that Skype on MPGH. Searching for Skype addresses on the forum is a key part of obtaining histories on members, forming links, and verifying identities. When a Skype address is only included in image form, it cannot be searched for.

For this reason, it will now be required for Skype addresses to be included in some kind of text form in all marketplace threads. Skype click-to-add URL's (e.g. HatScripts) are NOT accepted as text form, as it will not come up under search since it's a URL. The text form of your Skype address can be included anywhere inside your post.

This rule will be applied to all new threads that are created in marketplace sections from now.


MPGH Staff