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  1. Haha thanks!
  2. Thor and his hammer suit you for sure!
  3. Hey Boss, Sticky when you can please.
  4. Thanks though
  5. Nah, it just so happened I was refreshing during those times.
  6. Thx Jedi, you are pretty fast.
  7. Thank you Dynasty
  8. Congrats bro! You deserve it
  9. Thanks, he seems to have it now
  10. No idea, i`ll message him!
  11. Any idea when Arun will be giving it to Ravallo?
  12. That's a bit of a mystery
  13. Yeah I he did for sure! It may bring him back!
  14. Wow, that was actually pretty lucky. Thanks
    Ravallo would be really happy if he ever came back.
  15. [IMG][/IMG]

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