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  1. Sounds good thanks bro.
  2. If you need HR accounts they are 0.5$
    I have zip, one, alta, aria, blaze,charge 2, surge accounts if you need
  3. And flufft, tbh 60% of MPGH is filled up of people who dont even know a shit, like if you dont give account in a second, reported
  4. You just have to be mature and smart.
  5. Yea, I understand you, you maybe the first person who earned alot on MPGH xD, have a good day
  6. Hey bro. All good. Nothing to worry about. When you make over 1000 transactions on mpgh, a couple will go the wrong way or simply I was busy and never got back to the guy, like what happened. Hope you have a amazing day.
  7. Just checkin up, hows your life goin, saw the scam report though pretty busy :/
  8. i saw your dope giveaway, just could not thank enough tbh, a great job
  9. Thank you
  10. Congrats on pharaoh
  11. Okay list em bro
  12. Being my slave has perks! Think about it lol
  13. idk he ignores me much, I am thinking
  14. When are you going to be my slave though? Your owner never gave you premium or any love!
  15. idk i still love you
    Thanks for making me premium bro
  16. Like I said, talk to me on skype and if it is over I`ll pay you what you worked for.
  17. advert period is over like 2 months bro its over
  18. What do you mean? Talk to me on Skype
  19. bro you have a payment to do bro for advert on signature
  20. I meant that you posted a thread of Fitbit accounts and i also replied that i needed a account... Thats why I am sorry...
  21. No worries, not sure what you mean though.
  22. Dynasty bro wont mind that i posted i needed a account for fitbit?
    if you are angry sorry
  23. wtf man i really won bro OMG I CANT BELIEVE
  24. You may now change your name to Dynasty Jr.....
  25. You won bro
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