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  1. mayo u smell
  2. Thank you sir!
  3. Mayo? I give you minion for super user ?
  4. i luv burger
  5. too bad i won't set SP as my main user group if i get it. No pa
  6. pink is gay
  7. ask dave
  8. Zeno did say that if Goku didn't go all out then he'd destroy the universes regardless. He's seen Goku go blue before so he'd know.

    I love the way they presented it, the gods were in shock :P
  9. Ismee Mayion
  10. Speaking of old things.
  11. Better than being an expired mayionnaise jar.
  12. Nice avatar bby <3
  13. what a nooby sandbag
  14. /okguy .
  15. Shut up Dilip.
  16. mayo mayo so much db aint gud for u mayo
  17. Man I wrote too much again. DB does this to me.

    Nah I'm not watching any other anime at the moment. The older I grow I'm finding it harder and harder to connect with the medium as a whole.
    A lot of anime is directed at teenagers and people in that high school time of their lives.

    The last anime (other than DBS) that I enjoyed watching was Hellsing Ultimate. Saw it about 2 months back.
  18. But with Trunks beating Merged Zamasu like that, man, it seems like a fucking cop out. Gotta remember that Future Trunks was BARELY able to get past his timeline's Dabura just a year or so before Black appeared and Dabura is around SSJ2 level. For Future Trunks to come in to DBS, struggle so hard against an inexperienced Black Goku, then what? Suddenly after training with Vegeta in the time chamber and going through this anger transformation bullshit he's on the same level as a God? I found that hard to believe, but then just a few episodes later he's on the same level as a merged god who even Vegito struggled to keep up with. Vegito, the strongest character in all of Dragon Ball until DBS came along. For the show to just push it in my face that Trunks became that strong out of nowhere just insulted my intelligence lol. At least Gohan made sense. But it was Future Trunks's arc so they had to end it with him and made him OP.
  19. So to be fair, if you go back and look at it, they put in so many signs hinting at Gohan being stronger than his Dad and were hyping him up since childhood. His sudden rise in power made a lot of sense. Akira Toriyama, the creator of DB, actually planned to end the entire series with Gohan beating cell because DBZ was meant to be Gohan's coming of age story, just like the original DB was Goku's coming of age story. But too much fan pressure came on him and they wanted DBZ to continue and they wanted Goku to be the hero.
  20. In the days leading up to the Cell Games, it was implied many times that Gohan might have been stronger than Goku. Gohan was legit unimpressed when Goku showed off his power to Korin so he could judge if he was on Cell's level or not. Goku unleashed like 50% of his power and everyone else was blown back except Gohan and he said something like "That can't really be half of Dad's power." and then even when Goku was fighting Cell everyone had trouble keeping up with the speed of the fight and Gohan and Vegeta were the only ones who could judge what was going on and Gohan said something like his Dad isn't even trying at all and not fighting hard enough but then Goku said that he was using all of his power against Cell. When Gohan fought Cell as a regular Super Saiyan he honestly wasn't that far off Goku's power but as we all know Gohan had the hidden anger and potential inside him which helped him to SSJ2 quicker than the other Saiyans.
  21. Gohan as a kid beating Cell made sense though dude, because like, ever since the start of DBZ they were hyping Gohan up and giving him training with Piccolo and giving him significant moments vs Raditz and vs Frieza and they were constantly hinting at an extraordinary power within him that only came out when he was angry and they constantly reminded us of how much potential he had. Then remember he had the whole year in the time chamber with Goku and was exposed to more stress than he ever had been under in his life and he had to go through that to unlock his Super Saiyan form.
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