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  1. That is my specialty. It'll grow on them.
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    brah I lurk in every section
  3. wait,what >_<
  4. lol sure next update XD
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    im still here dont worry

  6. /10char
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    Gratz niqqa.
  8. Grats dude!
  9. HF don't bug me about another section for a year.
  10. Sorry, forget to thank you lol: Thanks man
  11. If you mean the first giveaway of "7 days giveaway" i got an Origin code that has a bundle of games " Dead space 2 , Peggle, MEdal of Honor: Allied Assault, Command and Canquer: Generals and Zero"
  12. oh fadaq. IGNORE THAT.

    Forgot it was a Buying thread

  13. You mean potential buyers

    Also it's a warning for others to use a Middleman.
  14. lol i left cause everyone i knew left too /ripaero
  15. i is aliber
  16. Ty
  17. Fine bitch be that way
  18. Ay do me a favor
    Add this client to this post please and post on it "Client updated in your own post please !
    https://www.*********.com/file/1dutoe .zip'ed the thing so u can like open it safely but dont put the .zip on the post please just the .swf
  19. ayy samjr
  20. you're not stupid, and it's obvious that you're a decent person and more than capable of being staff. there's nothing wrong with having an ego if you know how to control yourself.
  21. actually 3 parts, nearly 2.4k characters.


    Don't be hard headed royce. I'm not blind on this. I don't give a shit if you think the user has been "shit posting on you since 2013" you called a user names for saying things that you didn't like. Smarten the fuck up and live up to your mistakes. I also don't care how old the dispute/vms are. If it was truly irrelevant I wouldn't of vm'd you in the first place. I clearly won't stop until you admit that you need to keep your ego in check, because this isn't the first time we're discussing you and your ego. Don't remember the other times? It's okay, I do. It was around the time that you got minion for the first time and the nigboi tag. Both times you were decent and owned up to blown up ego and you humbled right the fuck up afterwards and everything was dandy.

    If you want, my next vm can be even longer.
  22. e·go
    a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

    How is it about your ego you may ask for the billionth time? Simple. You were so concerned with how a user views you that you sent the user a vm asking why he doesn't like you. You needed some sort of validation from someone that doesn't like you. The user didn't give you a reason that you liked so you called him a faggot, bitch, and a twat. You tried to defend your maturity while calling him a faggot (lol really royce?). Why? What did this user do to warrant such verbal abuse? He said he doesn't think you're worthy of being a minion? Lol? I've had dozens of kids say similar shit towards me and you know what I did? Either deleted their post or ignored them (isn't that the same advice liz gave you a few days ago?).

    So yea, that's how your ego is involved royce. Do you finally understand or do I need to write a childrens book with pictures to help you understand even further?
  23. vm is so long so I have to split it up into 2 parts


    "Yes I asked him why he didn't like me but he can't give me a legit reason why he doesn't like me"


    he doesn't need to give you a "legit" reason to dislike you. all he has to do is dislike you. the fact that you actually asked him why makes me really confused.

    If you don't want me on your vms don't say stupid shit.

    You asked the user why he didn't like you, user answered, after a few back and forths you raged. Simple. You did indeed rage, no matter how much you want to deny that. This is also about your ego, no matter how much you want to deny that either.
  24. Silly royce is still royce ..
  25. Calling someone a faggot, bitch, and twat because they said they don't like you isn't raging? Quit being so full of yourself. As I said, this isn't a debate Royce. You've proven time and time again once you get a tag your ego inflates. You keep saying it has nothing to do with your ego but you clearly have 0 understanding of what the fuck an ego is.
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Did you refresh the thread and see my comment? No way you replied that quickly


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