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  1. I did it! the fx was the chopper red light (wich is the same red light) and it works on all maps, the new problem is that i put it on PlayerSpawn and sometimes it dissapear :/ i dont know why
    Thanks your your time n-n
  2. Oh i forgot to tell my system is Window OS 8 (windows 8) 64bit
  3. Helo,Helo,Helo,Helo MASTERRRS I ned help on Exstren Injector T^T im using that injector to hack blackshot.BUT i cant find blackshot.exe even i opening it TT^TT how to do with this problem?PLS any pro can slove it? master131 can u help me?
  4. Yea, the FX of the red light in subbase for example, i know its
    level._effect[ "light_red_steady_FX_origin" ] = loadfx("misc/tower_light_red_steady");
    PlayFX(level._effect[ "light_red_steady_FX_origin" ] , self.origin);
    but i dont know how to spawn the red light in maps like favela, when i spawn it, it says ''missing fx'' (i think its because there is no red light in the map), i know its possible to do it because i saw a mod with the clan name in the 'air' made with this red lights from the towers, and i wanted to make the same thing, sorry for bad english and thanks for the help :3
  5. Hi Master! :P I need help with MW2 gsc coding, i want to spawn the red light tower in an especific location in maps, how can i do it? thank you! :3
  6. I love your Hacks!
  7. Kinda the opposite. Well not really. Got my degree in Business Computing a couple months ago.
    Started doing some "advanced" stuff like kernel shit.
    Maybe you could be of assistance. I got this thread here but no one seems to know much about it ( Or they ignored me )
  8. Hey tommy, been a while.
    How've you been?

  9. Can you reupload the Crysis2 sound file? I need so much! Thank you!
  10. Hey there,
    i got a little problem with the Anykia Cf Na Hack and i want you to ask if you could help me or if you have time for it.
    My problem is that when i try to open the Hack nothing happens. I run it as admin but nothing happens.
  11. hiya yes i would like the code if you carnt mail me on here send it via my gmail account nickydavies14 @ thank
  12. dammit nevermind then :/
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    Well When I say young, I'm just getting at you're level of education of technology at your age. Really won't find people as educated as you were at your younger ages and now.
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    May I speak with you sir?
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    do you have a skype sir?
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    hey there :3
  17. Nice avatar!...Is that Roxas?
  18. Seal of approval, I like
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    I see.. Well.. Anyway good luck!
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    How is it going with school and all?
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    Crazy how young u are tommi boi, You better change teh world after u graduate
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    :O Good Luck in your studies then
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    What grade are you in now?
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    So, you still creating hacks for any game?
  25. Get on steam when you can please, due to school I don't think we'll be seeing each other much to communicate so this will be shit.
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About master131
There's nothing to know about me. /fmm
Melbourne, Australia
Hacking and helping! :)
What are you here for?:
Fun and Hacks
Favorite Games:
Call of Duty Series, Other
Computer Specs
Intel Core i5-750 Overclocked @ 3.00GHz
8GB Corsair DDR3-1600
Gigabyte P55A-UD3
Hard Drives:
Intel 520 120GB SSD (SATA3) & Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB
Video Card:
Powercolor PCS+ Radeon HD7870 Myst Edition
ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Channel Sound Card
Operating System:
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center x64


Handy Tools/Hacks:
Extreme Injector v3.3 *NEW*
A powerful and advanced injector in a simple GUI.
Can scramble DLLs on injection making them harder to detect and even make detected hacks work again!

Minion Since: 13th January 2011
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--My Art--
[Roxas - Pixel Art, WIP]
[Natsu - Drawn]
[Natsu - Coloured]

All drawings are coloured using Photoshop.



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