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  1. nvm my friend, I just recently got a pc again and forgot how life worked .
  2. tommi my boy i need help , i need to remove a virus
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    Hey how do i get the extreme injector? I heard it was by you but i can't find it anywhere
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    hello master131. i try to inject the 'cstrike-online.exe', i run it , but in the process list not find it, and the windows list . i don't konw how to inject it.
  5. you know about the injector sir? i need it now! please reply!
  6. Thanks a lot for your injector :3
    Actually the best injector i could ever find on the internet. I love ye bro <3
  7. Just joking... I know how old she is
  8. oh, tom-chan how old is your sister now?
  9. Finally ;D makes it colorfull .
    Thank you senpai
  10. Tommi I got all colors of thanks m except your color
  11. Bro, i want to use the External hack for Ghosts, but it doesn't work. It says that the version is to old or sometin.

    - Kind Regards
  12. Thanks ^^
    And it can be done via something external? like a b3 plugin?
  13. Ohh well, thanks for the info :3
    i know im annoying but..
    Is it possible to make a mod link to other server? like an automatic /connect ip at player connect?
    i tried player setclientdvar("connect","ip"); but it only gives the value to de comand, not 'do' the command.
    i know an awesome server that is not appearing in the server list (yo need to connect via ip) so i thought it would be possible to make a mod do an automatic /connect... what do u think?
    thanks again ^^
  14. Other doubt c:
    i remember seeing a long time ago, a mod in a web that had your ping on text on screen.. something like.. text setText( "Ping :" + ( );
    do you know how can i do it? o.O
  15. Thanks a lot mastah' ^^
  16. Hi c:
    Do you know how can i use an ''OR'' in a waittill? and if is no possible, do you have an idea how to do it in other way? i mean something like
    self waittill("death" || "spawned_player"); for example. i think you get my point :P
    Thanks a lot!
  17. master 131!!
    When I inject some dll hack into blackshot did it need bypass ?
    why when i m injecting and it will close itself or didnt work anything after I inject in blackshot ..
  18. Its ok, i realised by myself how to do it :3
  19. Hi Mastah', the annoyin guy here again :3
    How can i make somethin' that shows all the players guid's on the screen ? i cant find how to do it D: (Mw2 gsc)
    Thank You n-n
  20. Is here any WH for cs go
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    Would I be allowed to do this?:

    Please let me know ASAP.
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    Hey man, have an idea for an League of legends hack. Can be really easy to do it from you and very usefull. It's to show the range of the basic attacks & alert when should kill the minions so the others can improve the farm. Please Vm/Pm back
  23. Do you code a External ESP for Advanced Warfare?
  24. How to download the extreme injector?
  25. I dont know if you can help me me with this one
    I have an iSnipe mod sv, but when the killcam goes slowmotion its gets... weird, like with few frames, or ''choppy''
    I played in other isnipe sv and that didnt happen, do u know how to fix that?
    thanks :3
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About master131
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Extreme Injector v3.3 *NEW*
A powerful and advanced injector in a simple GUI.
Can scramble DLLs on injection making them harder to detect and even make detected hacks work again!

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