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    Thumbs up [Publicist Team] Donations

    [Publicist Team] Donations

    Hello, fellow MPGHians! As most of you have probably already realized, I'm here today representing the Publicist Team whose members a part of it are the following: @Flengo, @Hova, and @Saboteur, and what we do is pretty much organize official community events and such. However, in order for everything to be properly and totally set, prizes for the winners of every single forum event we announce and host need to be acquired beforehand and as you all know, prizes cost money and there is not much money available for us to use for said cause at this time. You might not know, but all the compensations we hand out to the winners of the forum activities prepared and presented by us are bought with our own money. Now, we are not complaining about it, we are just letting you all know about it. Having that said, if you would like to kindly contribute with a donation to help us expand our forum event reward range, it would be highly appreciated.

    You might be wondering about what you will gain/accomplish by donating with whatever you have at your disposal to us for our community event prize list. The answer to your doubt is pretty simple, you will be acknowledged for such a kind gesture meaning people will be let known that you sponsored whatever forum activity we decide to use your donation as a prize for and most importantly, you will experience the feeling of kindness, which is something somewhat uncommon in our society nowadays, I might add.

    Currently Accepted Donation Methods & Respective Instructions:

    Amazon: If you would like to provide us with a monetary donation via Amazon, please follow the instructions as follows:

    1. Go here.
    2. Enter the following Amazon address as the recipient:
    3. Specify the money amount you want to donate.
    4. Post the transaction details here and you are done.

    Bitcoin: If you would like to provide us with a monetary donation via Bitcoin, please follow the following directions:

    1. Go here.
    2. Enter the Bitcoin address as follows as the recipient: 1gBdnfF9K3CxQeGie6oU8wbWexJb4g8bW.
    3. Specify the amount of cash you wish to donate.
    4. Include a description along with the donation stating it was a Publicist Team one and you are done.

    PayPal: If you would like to provide us with a monetary donation via PayPal, please proceed as instructed down below:

    1. Go here.
    2. Specify the amount of money you desire to donate.
    3. Post the unique transaction ID and your PayPal email here, and you are done.

    Game Cards: If you would like to provide us with a monetary donation via Paysafecard/any other kind of game card, please do so by private messaging @Flengo or me its respective code.

    Game Accounts: As a last resort, you can also provide us with specific game accounts as a donation and we will accept them without any issue. We will hold them until we decide to use them as a prize for one of our forum events.

    Thank You For Your Graciousness,
    - Publicist Team

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