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    Memestar Client [1.2.1] [MC 1.11.2]

    Client: Memestar
    Client by: Bracket

    Click Gui: Y
    XRay: X
    Blink: B
    Freecam: G
    Command Gui: .


    .help : List all commands
    .dos (ip) (time in ticks) : Starts a small power DoS attack on an ip address for a specified amount of time
    .say : Send chat message
    .flood (message) : Sends a message 1000x
    .vclip (amount of blocks (max 10) ) : Teleport up or down a specified amount of blocks
    .suicide : Tries to kill the player

    Cheats, Hacks, and Mods:

    Fly: Flight
    BypassFly: Fly on vanilla servers without getting kicked
    Speed: Move really fast
    NoFall: Stops fall damage
    Jesus: Walk on water and lava
    Step: Step up full blocks
    SuperStep: Step up infinite amount of blocks
    RangeKA: 14 block reach killaura
    Forcefield: Hits all mobs around you 20x per second
    Magnet: Pick up items from farther away
    Fastbreak: Break blocks faster
    Climb / Spider: Climb up blocks like a spider would
    FastXP: Collect xp orbs slightly faster
    FastLadder: Climb up ladders faster
    Sprint: Always sprint
    BoatFly: Fly in boats & on horses (the horses take damage)
    AntiArrow: Tries to dodge arrows
    FastPlace: Place blocks faster
    Freecam/Freeview: Move outside your body
    Phase: Move through blocks on servers with older versions of NCP & hoppers on new versions of NCP
    Esp: See outline of mobs and players through blocks
    Radar: Lists all players that are near you, their distance from you, and their location
    ItemRadar: Lists all items that are near you, the type of item, and the location
    BunnyHop/AutoJump: Jump whenever moving, and strafe in mid air
    TrueSight: See mobs and players that are invisible
    Twerk: Twerk all the time
    Sleepwalk: Move while sleeping
    Derp/Retard: Makes your players head spin around, and players cant see what you are looking at
    Timer: Speed up the game
    Respawn: Auto Respawn
    Throw: Use an item 200x per second
    Headless: Makes you look headless
    God Mode/Invisible: Makes you invisible & unable to take damage after you die & relog
    AutoTool: Automatically selects the best tool for what you are doing
    InventoryPlus: Use the crafting space in your inventory as extra inventory
    AntiCactus: Don’t take damage on cactus
    DeathSpam: Constantly die and respawn, spamming the chat with deathmessages
    AirWalk/Jetpack: Jump in the air
    BlockReach: Destroy blocks from 6 blocks away
    NoTrample: Don’t destroy crops when you walk on them
    NoPortalGUI: Removes the portal gui
    NCP Killaura: Killaura that bypasses NCP
    XRay: See ores and chests through the ground
    HighJump: Jump 3 blocks
    Elytra: Move faster and better with elytra
    Always Eytra: Constantly activates elytra wings
    NCP Speed: Speed hack that bypasses NCP
    NCP Jesus: Jesus hack that bypasses NCP [do not try to jump]
    NCP FastBreak: Break blocks faster on NCP servers
    NCP Timer: Slower timer that usually bypasses NCP
    Sneak: Makes you appear to be sneaking
    NoPacketTP: Prevents the server from teleporting you
    Blink: Teleport

    Md5: a5301163ab9c7d85d7008a9999d95ba447224a6040f30e6dae d918367bfb0288


    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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    Client works great, has a few issues here and there, could use a controls section so you can change the controls like the Click GUI etc, Click GUI could use a little of a makeover to make it look a little cleaner like have it so when you click on things like fly it brings a drop downbox on the side saying Vanilla, NCP etc.
    other than that pretty amazing client
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    cheers dude

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    Certainly need to improve GUI, that transparency looks awful tbh. Other than that, great work!

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