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    Quote Originally Posted by elquiore View Post
    is there a way i can hide the icon in taskbar? like move it in the notification area? like other trainers do
    I guess there's none.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansmagz007 View Post
    I've found a use for the feature "Upg Days" at the /baconcatlair i can access the certain member area with a membership, do you guys have more ideas where i can use it?

    h ttp://
    You shouldn't have showed your name.

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    Back at it again with Cetera thank U for putting efford in this everytime.
    THANKS For sharing your hacking knowledge with people around the Globe
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    =Bug encounter?=
    Currently trying to create an Astral Orb bot but have run into a non Cetera bug and 2 possible bug problems.

    a. I can't get the "if not in temp" command loop to work as there's two versions of the Makai Fang, and unfortunately the one I need just so happens to have a much lower drop rate. So I'm left with 1/5 completed as the bot jumps over this point in the loop since the other Makai Fang is 5/5. (I know this is more of a problem due to the game itself, but figured it was note worthy enough to bring up)(Oh and I did also try to name the fang as Makai Fang 1, 2, (1), (2) with and without spaces, even started up the Packet Logger to see if I could find a name, but got no returns)

    1. Then tried to mitigate the problem stated above by using the "If Quest Completed"(IQC) command at the end of the bot tree, EX: "Kill Dark Makai" -> "IQC" -> "Index \/ 2" -> "Index ^ 3", but ran into a problem where IQC would move to the next step in the tree regardless of if the quest was completed or not.

    2. I also tried to see if starting the tree by sending the packet for "accept quest"(AQ) instead of the "Quest ID" function. But the "IQC continues to move to the next step even when the quest isn't completed yet. Also, the AQ packet wouldn't work anyway since the #variable's of the packet would change every time you accept a quest, so I couldn't get the quest to accept passively though this method.

    With all that being said, 133Spider, your the bomb! Having withstood using any of these kinds of programs for (7+) years, I must say that Cetera has been one of, if not be, the best user/game experiences I've ever had in AQW. After attempting my first run through the "Willpower Extraction" quest, I just snapped, I can't believe the shear increase in time sinking these quests have become over the years. I mean come on, there not even difficult, just time sinks. Every one has far more important things to do then to just mindlessly press the same few buttons for hours on end. Funny enough, I've found the whole process of trying to figure out the best sequence for a quest bot far more challenging/engaging, which by extension far more rewarding to accomplish than any quest the AE staff could ever try to simulate with their current game design practices (which is far more destructive to their customers than any good). Anywho, Sorry everyone for the sudo tangent, hope it was a lightly entertaining storytime. But yeah, 133Spider... you're doing gods work ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ
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