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    CSS material wallhacks - 4 different kinds

    Short introduction: I've been having a few problems with freakvision v3 and other wallhacks. Some of the problems in wallhacks is that you'll see black/purple checkerboard textures on models or walls, the game will sometimes crash, and there is image smearing (only fixed in 90% ver) throughout maps with reflective textures like cs_office that makes color aimbots go crazy. This wallhack fixes EVERYTHING. You should immediately delete your piece of @#$% wallhack and download this one.

    VAC status: VAC proof.

    To install: Using windows explorer/folder viewer, go to C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\(your user name here)\counter-strike source\cstrike\ directory. After you go there, you should see a folder called materials. You should delete it and copy the materials from the hack to your cstrike directory. You'll then need to restart CSS if it is running already for CSS to load the textures or mat_reloadallmaterials might work as well. Also, what is included is not the full version since it the full version uses about 9mb memory.

    To uninstall: Simply delete the materials folder in your cstrike directory. You'll probably remove some custom map files so you'll have to re-download them, but this is the easiest way.

    Small update (Dec 21)
    : All versions have had the player model files set to read-only to prevent servers from overwriting the files which removes your hacked models.

    Credits: For all versions (rahlzel, UltraFreak, nesucks).
    I did make a few edits to these wallhacks...

    Virus scan:
    Virus total on 50% opacity
    Jotti 50% opacity virus scan
    Virus total on dark grid walls

    jotti dark grid virus scan
    Virus total 90% opacity
    Jotti 90% opacity virus scan
    25% virus total virus scan
    jotti 25% opacity virus scan

    Picture of the 25% opacity version, which shows just how clear the walls are. The floors are not clear to guide you where to go.

    90% version is recommended to keep the game looking good.
    50% version is if you want the walls out of your way and to color aimbot through some doors and walls.
    25% version is if you want the walls out of your way and to color aimbot through ALL doors and walls.

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