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    Battle on News [31/12/2011]

    I will start with saying happy holiday and wish for u a good holiday

    Adventure Quest [AQ]

    Frostval 2011 !

    Frostval is right around the corner. This years Frostval brings: 
    The return of a classic gelid Frostval nemesis. 
    The return of a much more recent Frostval nemesis. 
    The terrifying chilling result of their collaboration using ancient future technology/magic in an effort to rule the stones and everything else.
    A plot to stop Frostval at its very roots (the moglin of Frostvale itself) 
    Battleon's very first audit. (A frightful process that makes the IRS look kind) 
    Some random quotes from the event in no particular order 
    ???: Yes indeed my friend. Fix the head. We have been scouring lore far and wide searching for a way when we found a key and in the remains of future past, we have found our key… 
    You: Nice Audit? As if that is not a major oxymoron. What is a Nice Audit? 
    You: What? I have singlehandedly saved Lore on no less then ten occasions. 
    Moglin: Yes, but you have also left a major swath of destruction during your saving. By our calculations the property damage alone is beyond seven digits. The ends do not justify your means...
    Morningstar Legends

    When we originally released Morningstar, we had about a week to plan, balance, and release the whole thing. This... isn't much time. Big releases take much more time to plan out (remember how long it took to release Assassin?) and we didn't have enough time, so we had to leave out some stuff. It wasn't any major stuff, but it was those special touches that made an MC set an MC set. Naturally, you guys noticed -- the reaction to the release was pretty bad. So, when we got an empty week in the release schedule, we jumped on the chance to go back and add the things that should've been there originally. 
    One of the biggest problems was the crossbow. We originally wanted it to be an Earth bow, since there weren't any Earth bows out, and Rangers deserve some love. It was going fine until we decided that it should get a trigger against undead, and undead aren't usually weak against Earth, so we switched it to Light. After the release Kamui had the idea of making it Earth and element-seek on undead, but... well, it was already released. It probably wouldn't be very nice if we switched it. 
    Player: Huzzah, a light weapon! Finally, my inventory is complete! 
    KoO: NOT! It's Earth now! 
    Player: /ragequit 
    We're not malicious like that. (We're malicious in our own, classier way!) This was the original idea behind the Morningstar Flying Cross: it would be the Earth bow that the Morningstar Crossbow was meant to be! 
    This plan didn't quite stand up to logic. Crosses have religious implications, so if anything would be a Light weapon, then it's the cross and not the crossbow. Plus, it should also have a trigger against undead and demons, because DUH. Lastly, there's Hollow's art for it -- it sparkles! It looks like it hit a glampire too many times, which is AWESOME and I highly recommend you doing if you have some free time (go team Jacob!). So, we decided to give everyone who had a crossbow would be given a cross, and we'd re-release the crossbow as an Earth weapon (as it was originally meant to be). 
    And then came the newsletter! You guys seemed so hyped that there might be a 100% proc Magic weapon, that we just had to include one. Finally, all would be right in the world. Except team Edward. 
    There's also the mini-bosses, which was the other fun part about this release: 
    There's a generic golem or a living suit of armour in EVERY Castlevania game, so we naturally had to include one. Fear his genericness! 
    Legion is my favourite boss. We got the adorable little Green Nasty to come out and guest star as Legion. She even rouged her knees (and rolled her stockings down) for us! 
    Carmilla was originally going to reference both Carmilla from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (which was the first Castlevania game I played) and the succubus from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but we had to drop the latter because I stumbled upon a horrible pun. It also gave us an opportunity to update all the normal Vamps, who are now all effectively Vamp Adepts. 
    And finally, The Reaper! He's another Castlevania regular, so we naturally had to include him as another guest star. 
    The hardest part of the release was coming up with names for the different pieces. This is one of the things that goes into each MC set that makes it special, and it was really bad that we had to drop it from the original release. So we pooled the collective KoO hivemind, and came up with what's either the least or most exciting part about the release! 
    The last part of this release came from ReverendWyrm, with the Malengua weapon. It's a living weapon, so we decided to do something weird and have it respond to your CHA. I'm not sure how it'll turn out, but it's fun to release a weird weapon every once in a while.

    Adventure Quest World [AQW]

    Limited Quantity Shop is LIVE!

    Limited Quantity Shop is LIVE!
    LAST Limited Quantity Shop of 2011!
    The Limited Quantity Shop is live! We've got a whole holiday haul for you to have at, including 4 armors, 2 capes, 7 helms, 6 swords, 1 dagger, 1 dual-wield and 1 regular-wield gun, and 1 mace... PLUS all of the things that are still leftover from the LAST Limited Quantity Shop!
    TitanSlayer Armor, Cape, Helm, and Armaments
    Sky Frost Armor - 850 AC - 9,000 qty
    Crimson Wrath - 700 AC - 7,000 qty
    TitanSlayer Armor - 725 AC - 6,000 qty 
    Malachite Merc  - 45,000 member - 10,000 qty
    Sky Frost Cape - 100 AC - 9,000 qty
    TitanSlayer Cape - 31,500 free - 12,000 qty
    Dark Face Eater - 120 AC - 6,500 qty
    Sky Frost Helm - 90 AC - 9,000 qty
    Crimson Mask - 85 AC - 7,000 qty
    TitanSlayer's Flaming Faceguard - 85 AC - 5,000 qty
    TitanSlayer's Spiked Mask - 95 AC - 6,000 qty
    Malachite Mask - 15000 mem - 10,000 qty
    North Wind's Memory - 200 AC - 5,000 qty
    Wooden Doomblade - 200 AC - 5,000 qty
    Soul's Bane - 200 AC - 3,000 qty
    Deathly Flurry - 175 AC - 3,000 qty
    Blight Blade - 175 AC - 4,000 qty  
    Frozen Blizzard Blade - 20,000 member - 10,000 qty  
    Sky Frost Daggers - 200 AC - 5,000 qty 
    TitanSlayer's Armaments - 200 AC - 3,500 qty 
    Sky Frost Rifle - 25,000 member - 7,000 qty
    KneeCapper - 30,000 free - 30,000 qty
    Sky Frost Armor, Cape, Helm, and Rifle
    Crimson Wrath and Malachite Merc Armors and Masks
    Click to change helm's appearance
    Deathly Flurry, Blight Blade, North Wind's Memory, Gravelyn's Practice Doomblade
    And if you haven't been with us for a Limited Quantity Shop before, here's what's going to happen:
    At 10 AM server time on Saturday, December 31st (that's THIS Saturday!), we will open up a Limited Quantity Shop in Battleon. The items listed above will all be in the shop with the stated prices and quantities.
    Once that item is sold out, it is never coming back. Ever. If you see something you like, then you're going to want to make sure you're awake and have the gold or ACs in hand to buy your chosen equips!
    Here's a handy online time zone converter to make logging in at just the right moment a little easier!
    And once you're done browsing Khuddar's inventory, why not /join newyearlab and see what happens when Chaos and Chronomancy combine in our newest New Year's Eve-nt!
    What Time is It?

    It's almost 2012 - Are you ready?!
    2012 is the Year of Chaos, and we're starting the year off with a BANG! Literally! This Friday you'll meet Professor Iadoa (Professor Yana, anyone?), a famous Chronomancer who has been missing for decades. He should have stayed gone, though, because now that he's back... it's time for Chaos!
    The New Year's ball frozen in place. All clocks have stopped.
    If this were a normal New Year's release against a normal New Year's villain, we'd make jokes about the clock ticking down until the big boss battle, races against time, etc etc. But it's not a normal year, nor is the clock ticking down! The diabolical Professor Iadoa plans to stop Time to prevent the New Year from arriving.
    Ok, so maybe it's got a FEW support beams left. 
    Safety first!
    And if he manages to charge his SHUTDOWN* apparatus, you won't have a future as the savior of Lore - because the future will never come! With epic, temporally-relevant seasonal rares (previews later this week) in the shop and as drops, this Friday's event is sure to stop you - and Time?! - in your tracks!
    * Steamfed Hourglass Unit: Temporal Device Originally Wall-mounted, Now freestanding. Acronyms FTW.
    What Time is the Release?
    Every Friday, we get dozens (or more!) of people asking "When it the release?!" and we always give the same answer: "As soon as it's ready!" You can see this illustrated on Cysero's Twitter profile, which tells players to expect it at "As Soon As It's Ready O'Clock!"
    So to remind us that the clock is always ticking, but that the release will only ever be ready when it's done, the AQW room now proudly displays a clock that says exactly when the deadline is:
    What time is the release, you ask? Now you know! /grin
    Almost Time for the LQS!
    And you'll want to make sure YOUR real-life clock hasn't stopped, because the last Limited Quanity Shop of 2011 starts this Saturday at 10am EST! (That's 10am server time.) For previews, prices, and quantities of all the rockin' rares coming to the shop, check out the LQS Design Notes post from yesterday!
    And it's time for me to be heading out, too! Time to go make chocolate-dipped peanut brittle and wrap presents for Frostval #2, celebrated with family we didn't see over the weekend. Have a good night! And a note to remember for the future (if it comes!): Those who force time are pushed back by time; those who yield to time find time on their side.
    Dragon Fable [DF]

    Frostval Follies and Frantic Fighting!

    Merry Frostval, Heroes!*
    It is wonderful to see you all again, and at such a joyous time of year! But I must admit, I am sore vexed with you. WHAT have you done to ROLITH?! For months, he'd be fine day in and day out. But when a chill wind blew or a moglin crossed his path, he'd get a look in his eye. A dangerous glint. And I knew Trouble was coming. He loves those moglins as much as he does those dratted, raucous togs of his.
    He didn't want Chilly to catch a cold!
    And you killed his TogTog. His most beloved, cherished TogMount. I near wept to see him so heartbroken. All he was trying to do was protect those moglins! I know it's not your fault they get attacked every year! But sometimes Rol just gets... fixated. He finds a project or an idea - like revamping the Keep - and just goes all out. Right now, it's protecting those moglins.
    I've NEVER seen him THIS angry! This is his RAGE face.
    He did everything he could to make their time in his Safety Camp fun, frolicful, and Frostval-y. I mean, he even did that silly Silly Hat thing! Do you KNOW how many times I pricked my fingers sewing those hats? ... They ARE pretty adorable, though. I hope you'll keep yours! But then you had to test him. Didn't you trust that he'd keep his moglin friends safe? Rol is the gentlest Captain I know. I've never SEEN that expression on his face before!
    You HIT my Fiance!** Ooooh, if we weren't such good friends, hero...
    I know you are charged with protecting Lore. You have a destiny to fulfill and without you, we'd all be doomdust ground beneath villains' heels. I see you almost every day, making your potions, crafting your helms and hats... We're good friends, aren't we? But Hero, let me just be clear. My Sees-All Solution - the one that shows the future - showed me something that was NOT very merry!
    Attacking Rolith was just... MEAN! He was only trying to help the moglins. So he was a bit misguided. A little delusional. We all have bad months, right?
    Merry FrostRol to all, and to all some good loot!
    I don't know if we can come to an understanding, but I will continue to hope. It is Frostval, after all! Please, Hero, remember that Rolith has been your long-time friend. Do not hurt him if you can help it! In the spirit of Frostval, forgive and let live. The moglins are safe, the Togs (all except TogTog *sniff*) are rolling in the snow and enjoying Gorillaphant Rawhide Treats.
    Let's all come together to celebrate the season! And speaking of celebrating... I'd take a look at your backpack if I were you! Seems to me your presents might deserve a looksee or two.
    Merry Frostval from the DragonFable team, and all of us at Artix Entertainment!***
    * With Rolith suffering from the Plague, I thought I'd hop back onto the DF team for a night and help him get this release out. Sorry about the Saturday morning release, but we hope you enjoy Frostval!
    ** Rolith definitely plans on making the boss battle harder. But right now he's mumbling incoherently about lemons, rawhide, and presents, so I'm sending him to bed.
    *** Be sure to keep an eye on the AQW Design Notes! Artix is going to make a big "AE Year in Review" post later today!
    The PA Plague and other Unhappyness

    Two weeks ago I snuck out of the underground lab a week early to get a head start on my holiday wanderings.  My brother graduated college and I was determined to be there if at all possible.  A week later Alina joined me and since than we've been bouncing between families, extended families, and one flight halfway across the country.  During these wanderings I caught what I'm calling the PA Plague, a wicked sinus infection that has left me still reeling almost a week later.  
    That said, I've been hard at work on four things for you guys.  
    A fun micro-challenge for the final quest of this week
    An insane boss fight using a feature we haven't used since a holiday many years ago (let's see if the current engine can handle it!)
    One is the ChronoCorruptor class you guys have been taking a look at for the last couple of days
    And the last is this year's Frostval present, the Togslayer Armor. (Those of you who have been around for a while might know exactly how amusing that sentence was for me to type.)
    Here comes the point in the design notes where the two different topics come slamming together.
    While I'm having a lot of fun getting the monsters and quest ready for you guys (it still could be a late one, we'll be doing things rarely done in the game)  I don't think we'll be getting the classes out when we originally planned.  My plague has left me cloudy-headed and without much of a mind for the complicated process of designing and implementing the epic skills necessary to make these classes EXPLODE on your screens.  
    Once this vile debuff wears off, rest assured we'll be releasing the class as I finish each skill so you guys can be included in it's design. That way, you will be able to provide ample feedback and input for the entire process.
    It's really unfortunate that this plague had to infect me NOW, but both of these classes have amazing animations and I want to give them the time, attention and finesse they deserve, even if one of them is really, really* silly.
    * Really, really, really... Really, really, really - *deep breath* REALLY, REALLY, REALLY silly.

    New Custom , New Weapons , New Life

    Dracelix has revamped a very special set of weapons for the Frostval finale boss fight this week! Check them out in all their frosty goodness!
    This Friday we'll have to face down Rolith and try to save the holiday! I don't think those poor moglins can take anymore silly hat days.... Rolith himself is programming his boss monster. Every time I ask how it's going he just starts twirling his moustache and laughing. Which is weird 'cause I'm not sure where he got the moustache from.
    Friday is also going to be presents day! Dracelix has worked hard on some crazy awesome weapons to go with a very special gift from Ghost!
    Time is ticking down on those Chaorrupted Clocks. If you want your chance at the exclusive Chronocorrupter Armor in DF, there are very few calendars left!
    This armor is definitely unique to DF!

    Epic Duel [ED]

    Frysteland War Continued

    First of all, I want to congratulate each and every one of our players who have participated in the Frysteland War so far. The war is still going on, so be prepared for even more goodies and ways to defend your side. This conflict is far from over!
    Remember, your actions WILL determine the fate of the Yetis and the Krampus people permanently. There are consequences to your actions, so fight well, EpicDuelists!
    We've got a lot to do this week and not much time to do it! We plan on releasing Thursday, but depending on progress, we could release as early as Wednesday. I apologize in advance if anything in these DNs don't make it for this release, but we're aiming high and we're willing to stock up on enough caffeine to make it happen!
    There Will Be Bugs
    As with most new features, bugs are inevitable. We’ll be fixing a few things for this next update- the War schedule will be synchronized with the daily events from here on out, and many people were finding it more difficult to defeat the Yetis than the Krampus, so we’ll be balancing out the War NPCs. The Cryostaff and Kringlebot will both be returning to Hank, and Frostbane is being set to Permanent Rare.
    New Threads
    This week, we’ll also be introducing two new armors for purchase, the Frost Reaper armor for Legion players and the Beast Rider armor for Exile players. Equipping this armor increases the amount of War Points you earn for your cause by 20%. They will also offer an 11% chance to deliver a defense variant of FrostBite, which can apply to the attacker if they hit you with a normal strike while you have the armor equipped!
    Moar War!
    We’re adding THREE new War Ranks to bridge the large gaps between ranks, which should make ranking up a little bit easier for all players. Some of you may notice that you have a different rank that you had before, but that will be a good thing since some ranks are easier to obtain than before.  We have also readjusted the rating points that the higher-end achievements award.
    We’ll also be implementing missions that will award points toward the war- remember, missions take forever to test, so if it’s a late night release don’t be too disappointed. Hope I don’t disappoint!
    NPC Improvements
    Since many were having trouble getting those Krampuses and Yetis to cough up War Bombs, we are increasing the drop rate for all NPCs, with the stronger NPCs offering a significantly higher chance to drop. We’re also implementing an Ice Gem drop that can be exchanged for credits, with more valuable Gems being dropped by higher level War NPCs.
    We might be implementing a drop armor from War NPCs, but that depends on how much art Nightwraith and Charfade get done- you may have noticed that the areas are pretty art-heavy and Nightwraith and Charfade can only do so much with the hours in a day!
    Also, the NPCs are pretty strong and silent right now, but we will be adding in the battle text soon! Maybe I’ll even take some time this week to write even more conversation into their text!
    The Night Before Juloffenblotten
    On Juloffenblotten Eve, the Citizens were busy
    with shopping and gifting, all in a tizzy
    Buying weapons and gift wrap and fruitcake- Half Price!
    All the children were proving that they could be nice!
    For on Juloffenblotten Eve, the old folks all tell,
    comes Titanfraggr, ringing his shiny glass bell.
    “You must leave out your shoes” say the grandmums and dads
    “And make sure that you try to be good and not bad.
    For if you are not rowdy and do as you’re told,
    and keep your word as precious as gold
    the man from the mountain will come down at night
    with yummy lute berries to fill up your shoes tight
    Also, copper wire! Such valuable stuff!
    Titanfraggr knows all, and will give you enough.
    But if you are wicked, deceitful and bad,
    you will lose those shoes that you once had.
    He’ll take your shoes, all the shoes, one by one
    and give them away to a child who has none.
    Instead of shoes, bad children will find
    rusted old nails, and bitter orange rind.”
    Children all try to earn Titanfraggr’s grace
    so leave bacon and coffee to stuff in his face!
    So tonight Titanfraggr on his toboggan will ride
    With his robot termites by his side
    And over the ground his steeds they run
    By name he calls them, one by one
    You can’t really hear him, so it comes out quite jumbled
    so this part of the poem is usually mumbled.
    But whatever their names, they pull this man
    for they are the most magical landsalmon.
    His eyes how they glow! His skin, abiotic!
    His copper gauntlets he keeps cationic.
    He is lanky and lean, with his beard so impressive
    He counts all the shoes in a manner obsessive
    And as the sun rises, Titanfraggr disappears
    for he won’t return, ‘least not ‘til next year.
    Tags: Cinderella Juloffenblotten Frysteland War drops NPCs Armor Yeti Krampus Titanfraggr
    December 15, 2011
    Further Frysteland Previews
    Hi EpicDuelists, I know that these DNs are a little later than usual, but that's because you already know most of what's coming from last Friday's DNs. However, this post should help fill in the blanks and inform you on some exciting new additions! Let’s get right down to it, shall we?
    Wow, Alydriah certainly has a beautify new coat. Hey, is that made out of..AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! T_T
    War Ranks
    Last time, Nightwraith introduced the mechanisms by which you’ll be able to crush your opponents’ side with munitions either purchased from an Armory Bot or dropped from Yetis and Krampuses during battle. When you join the war, you’ll start out as a Frysteland War Grunt, but you’ll be able to rise through the ranks to become a Frysteland War General!
    You’ll be able to earn a variety of achievements, including the elusive Frysteland War Hero badge (renamed from Most Wanted), or the Bombadier achievement!
    You can check out your personal contribution at any time by visiting your alignment's War Hero board.  This will give you your own personal score so you can see how you stack up against your friends! This time more than ever, the fate of Frysteland and Delta V hang in the balance!
    New Characters
    You’ll be seeing some new faces in Frysteland this week, many of them being Krampuses.
    Aldhagrimm the Erudite, the Krampus Shaman, is your go-to for information about the War. Ahldagrimm is the oldest member of the Krampus tribe at 80 years of age. As a young woman, she was known as Ahldagrimm the Know-It-All, but following the death of her sister, she seemingly aged 20 years in one night. Ahldagrimm has lived through the rise of Baelius, the Uprising and subsequent Exile, and has buried 3 Kings- her father, sister, and nephew- along with temporarily leading the Krampus people with her brother-in-law Tryggvi the Woeful. She will assist you if you seek Wisdom and Knowledge, but if you seek only death and destruction, well, she has friends on the other side...
    Ylwa the Demon Rider: The Beasts corrupted by the Outsiders are still Beasts, according to Ylwa. But it takes a very special breed of BeastRider to bond with a corrupted yeti, and Ylwa is that kind of BeastRider. Since that horrid woman started doing... whatever she did... to the Beasts, they’ve been harder to train, more horrible, more like beasts. But Ylwa is never one to back down from a challenge, and she Rides a Beast the Outsiders call a “Frost Demon”, but Ylwa knows the Beast’s name is Maia, and she holds some sway over the other Hazards.
    Fenris the Vicious: Fenris is the large, violent, wolf-like Krampus Champion. He has slain countless enemies, and his name is feared among the Arctic Guards, as well as among the Flatlanders- the name the Krampus have given Snork’s people.
    Everybody look under your seat...
    As a special present for all of our players, everybody is getting 10 FREE inventory spaces! You get inventory! And you get inventory! Everybody gets 10 inventory spaces!
    We will still be working on ways to conserve inventory space, don’t worry. But this might tide players over for a little while.  For those who just can't wait to stockpile rares, we're raising the inventory cap to 120 items!
    Fairy Tales
    The smallest insects on record are the tiny, delicate fairyflies, with some species even smaller than a single-celled Paramecium. These tiny little insects are parasitic wasps, who lay their eggs in the eggs of other insects, and have very unique nervous systems with neurons lacking nuclei to accommodate for their small size. They earn their nickname from their distinctive wings, which are fringed with tiny delicate hairs called setae. 
    Tags: Cinderella Legion exile Factions War Achievements Yeti Krampus
    December 06, 2011
    The War for Frysteland
    Brace Yourselves: The Battle Begins!
    Hello there, EpicDuelists! Hopefully this week’s Design Notes will answer all those questions I’ve been getting since the last update. We’ve been working diligently on the big Juloffenblotten update!
    The War for Frysteland
    We’ve been slowly introducing players to Delta V’s Frozen Northlands- Frysteland- and its inhabitants the Krampus. Now, you’ll recall that the Krampus have a long tradition of Beast Riding, making them uniquely able to harness the power of the corrupted Yetis threatening Legion and Exile targets alike. If only you could get them on your side…
    Since the war requires alignment, Factions will become important for proving your loyalty. To that end, faction creation costs are getting slashed so even more players will be able to support the cause!
    Aldriah and her Legion forces have moved into Frysteland and seek to corrupt the Yetis to add them to their war effort as biological weapons. Only the Krampuses have stood in her way, but now they are poised to fall to this latest Legion assault. The Exiles hope to sway the last remaining Krampuses to join their cause by assisting them in pushing Alydriah out of Frysteland for good!
    In addition to the direct storyline quests (written by yours truly, so blame me if there are quest types you don’t like), defeating certain enemies will add points to your side’s War Leaderboard. Those loyal to the Legion will need to crush the Krampuses to demoralize them into submitting to the Legion.  Exiles, seeking the loyalty of the Krampuses in their rebellion will need to defeat Yetis that have been corrupted by Legion manipulation and Alydriah's fierce Arctic Guards. There will be plenty of enemies for each level, but higher level foes will yield bigger points! Additionally, completing quests for either alignment will earn you BIG points toward your cause!
    Checking your progress will be a snap, with leaderboards at both the Legion Outpost and the Krampus Village displaying the “Most Wanted” list of those players who contribute the most toward the war, and you can earn the “Most Wanted” Achievement!
    Remember: your performance determines the outcome of the war! The first quests will be available at Holiday Hank or Winter Alydriah depending upon your alignment.
    Frost Gear Solid
    This week will also see the return of the old Frost weapons, as well as a new crop of weapons for the season. One exception will be Frostbane, which will be retired and marked as permanent rare.  Congratulations to those who got it while it lasted! Remember, some of these Frost weapons will be credit-only, so all players have reason to be merry!
    Insect Fact: Eggs
    Many things lay eggs, including most insects. For the most part, an insect mom lays her eggs shortly after mating, but other species delay egg laying, and the eggs hatch immediately after being laid.
    In social insects, the entire colony will care for the offspring, some of which will be the result of mating, and some the result of parthenogenesis, which is the development of an unfertilized egg into an individual.
    The Pacific Beetle cockroach has a range from Asia toward the Americas, and lives quite happily in Hawaii. This insect is unique in the sense that it is the only insect to display true viviparity- that is, egg laying or development does not occur, and the offspring complete larval development within the female.  
    -----Intercepted Transmission from Alydriah to Legion Commander Edgar Boothe-----
    My dearest Boothe-
    As always, the Legion applauds your dedication to the cause of Order. I imagine it can get terrible DULL in the Northlands, but I should have a job for you soon enough.
    You well know how the wretched creatures who occupy the Northland have some sort of power over the wildlife. My geneticists have nearly perfected the designs for the new Hazards- the imperfect SnowHazards have already been released, and they have proven vastly more powerful than the native population. However, they are unpredictable, and I fear that, should the indigens utilize the Hazards for combat, they could quite comfortably cause damage to our Arctic Outpost, maybe even venture onto the main continent. If we can convince the Krampus to join our side, they could be an effective weapon. If they refuse, exterminate them like the rest of the vermin infesting this planet.
    I’d like to thank you for the new pet. You know how I love expanding my menagerie.
    Yours in Order:
    Alydriah Descarl

    Mech Quest [MQ]

    Happy New Year!
    Well, almost. Soon it will be a new year and to celebrate, we tossed up the fireworks again. Our main focus this week was Planet Liath which has received it's update. It will have loads of reward weapons next week while we start planning out the next planet that will be a part of the main storyline again which should be a doozy.
    The reason we don't have Liath rewards this week is because there's just too much! We've got the gifts getting pumped out and primed for unwrapping and we have the calendar mecha getting prepped for its big switch. So if you haven't gotten your gift yet or you haven't ordered your calendar yet, better do it quick! Well I guess the calendar can wait a little since there's shipping involved but the gifts are happening now!
    This year MQ went through a lot of changes and a lot of people have stepped up to help out. Everyone on the team right now is putting a lot into this and I think it's showing. Lyris has made some amazing cutscenes, Minar has made some amazing weapons and backgrounds, Arklen has been going crazy with these animations and you'll see that first-hand when you get a look at the new house mechas. They're coming soon. Blues comes up with some crazy special ideas that test Vivi's knowledge of actionscript which leads into how much Maegwyn and Vivi have stepped up. They've designed their own quests and towns before, and have even run a whole release on their own. They're a power team and MechQuest is lucky to have them.
    So here's to next year. Thanks for playing everyone. And a big thanks to the staff for helping make this game awesome. Because it is awesome, right?
    Happy New Year!
    Frostval 3011

    The War Is Over! Rewards are all unlocked already!
    You can still play through it so don't worry - it's just all unlocked and here is how it went down.  Freddy Yeti was trying to send you tech as a Frostval present, and Mr. Z sent EC units to intercept the shipment and get hold of it for EbilCorp.  There was a war - and you won it in what just might be record time!  You went out on Thoh to find the parts that went missing when the starship crashed, and you had to fight mini-bosses to get each piece of the mecha.  (You can still do this.) You are able to collect them for a build-a-mech style or just to use as weapons as you go along - and if you can defeat Mr. Z you open shops with a chassis (NSC, SC, and NG versions) and a fully-decked-out mecha model (for Nova Gems only).  
    Happy Frostval to All! You really pulled together and fought valiantly - great job!! This release was a lot of fun to put together. It was kind of crazy and a lot to do - and with it being a short week & people on the team having limited time with school committments, travel, computer issues I have to say I'm amazed & proud of us for getting this release out to you! Also even knowing that, for some reason I decided I should make a bazillion levels of everything so everyone would be able to have nice rewards so I gave myself a ton of extra work - but it all came together in the end! I like to try to fill you in on who did what, and I'm hoping I don't forget anyone's contribution... Lyris did the opening cutscene and Korin set up the mecha & did the war questing.  When Korin finished vectorizing and animating, Minar shaded & colored the mecha.  I learned how to break off the weapons to make into standalones and also how to make an empty chassis.  Vivi's laptop is having serious issues so I asked blues for relatively simple specials design & then I coded the weapons with Vivi's help when he could get online on his family PC, and then when Korin finished the quests & came back from a bit of Christmas shopping, I turned the chassis (body attack) and fully-equipped mecha over to Korin to code so I could do some Christmas shopping.  Vivi & Korin are really good teachers and Warlic laid a good foundation in helping me understand the basics - not that I was writing new code or anything, but you have to know what to modify and where it belongs in order to get things working as intended. The worst thing that happened (that I know of so far anyway) wasn't a coding issue - I made some kind of weird error when setting everything up in the database and for a few hours the weapons were unsellable and un-destroyable. That's fixed now, though.  I'm hoping there aren't any major bugs with any of the specials!! If you find one, please let us know on the Gremlins forum.
    A facebook friend of mine, David Lark (a.k.a. davids8765 if you play AQWorlds), helped me with names for the rewards - huge thanks!! The language of Latvia is featured - and it's my fault if anything is misspelled! Also a forum member, Master Merlin, mentioned on the forums that he had suggested pricing the Build-a-Mecha chassis the same as a standalone weapon - I used that concept (& it may be that others have suggested the same but his came to my attention) with a bit of tweaking from Vivi to keep it affordable and in line with our 1000-NG pricing of a completely-built model.   
    FA  Sniega Lielgabals SC only ---> CD=0- starts with extra damage- adds +20% damage per use (only the weapon), caps at 300%- adds +10 BtH per use (only the weapon), caps at 100 BtH
    BA  Ledus Bumba (NSC, SC, NG) ---> CD=3- starts with extra damage- normal (NSC) /1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 3 turns- SC and NG only: 20 roll for stopping enemy EP regen for 3 turns- NG only: 40 roll for a crit
    FS Laasteka Shot (NSC Only) ---> CD=3- starts with extra damage- Chance for a 1.5 time EP DoT for 3 turns- chance for a critical strike
    BS Laasteka Shard (NSC, SC, NG)  ---> CD=3- starts with extra damage- Chance (NG guaranteed) for a normal (NSC) / 1.5 time (SC) / double (NG) HP DoT for 3 turns- SC and NG only: chance for a crit- NG only: chance for stopping enemy EP regen for 3 turns
    HD Sniegapika Volley (NG only) ---> CD=5- starts with 1.5 times damage- general damage boost of +12 per turn over 5 turns- general BtH boost of +15 per turn for 5 turns- defense BoT of +10 per turn for 5 turns
    Chassis Milziiga Sniegapika (NSC, SC, NG) ---> CD=5- Uses 0 EP- gives the mecha higher EP reserves. - starts with extra damage- NSC & SC have a chance and NG guarantee for damaging also EP with half of damage done to HP- SC and NG only: double HP DoT for 5 turns- NG only: chance for a critical strike.
    If you have the fully-equipped Nova Gem model, in addition to the NG specials described above, the weapons which don't sell as standalones for NGs have the following:
    FA: - starts with extra damage- adds +25% damage per use (only the weapon), caps at 300%- adds +15 BtH per use (only the weapon), caps at 100 BtH
    FS: starts with extra damage- double EP DoT for 3 turns- chance for a crit- additional chance for damaging EP with half of damage done to HP
    Ok I think that should cover it all!  Oh - also if you are a Star Captain be sure to grab the gift boxes - they will open on gift-giving day which is traditionally New Year's Day so I'm shooting for that as our deadline for having them all ready but if we have to be a little later this time it'll still be early January - and the wrapped gifts are fun to play with before they open, anyway!
    Have a very happy Frostval! Thanks for playing MechQuest!
    New Hero Smash [HS]

    Merry Smashmas to all - And to all a good fight!

    Mery Smashmas Everyone! Around this time I like to pop some popcorn, sit around the artificial palm tree, lit with artificial candles, and beat box to Smashmas tunes. It’s while I’m eating popcorn, and beat boxing that I ponder on family, and friends.  I consider all of the players my friends, and this year we went all out to make your Smashmas special.
    Hermie and Doodie are back, and Doodie is up to no good again. This time she accidentally created a mass of mutated radioactive snow monsters.
    There are so many that this means WAR. Battle and battle the onslaught of snow monsters and turn in the dropped snowballs to fill up a war meter.  When the meter is full – a special shop will open up!
    **UPDATE** It’s amazing what the absence of a zero can do. There was a bug with the war meter. It’s fixed now, and everyone is POWERING through this war.
    For Smashmas I made new maps for you to PvP in. They are winter wonderlands for you to beat your opponents faces in. These special maps will be around for as long as Smashmas is. Enjoy them!
    While re-dated items from last year’s Smashmas have returned, even MORE items have shown up.  Everyone pitched in to make some really amazing items this year.
    Merry Smashmas everyone!
    Life imitating art = AWESOME!

    My not so secret santa made this for me. it's a REAL LIVE YERGEN HAT!! Words cannot describe how awesome this is! There are not enough exclamation points either!!!!!! This is just WAY TOO AMAZING!!!!Thank you SAMBA!!!!!

    Read it all at Hero Smash - Design Notes


    Thank me if u like it

    Took me too much @Dave84311
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