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    Hello guys i have a game that manny people tolded me that this game could not be hacked Deepolis! Dive into the abysmal depths of the 3D oceans is a continus battle betwen factions and clans the only problem with that game is that if you have helix you can make your submarin very good, what i was locking for is an program that helps you to found that helix hiden in the things you collect, for example you can make helix and cell if you collect the things from the ocean or from killing fish, but is so dam hard to found the helix, the problem is that if you collect 1 hour you can make about 400 helix, and a ship costs 99.000 helix, than you have to buy 110 shields that costs 4000 helix each than 100 turbines that costs 4500 helix each and manny other things that costs an huge ammount of helix, i played this game about 2 years already and i only had the bout and the turbines, i got tired oncollecting and kiling fish, i wana join the fight but every time i get kiled i need to pay 700 helix to repair my bout, so i need to collect about 2 hours every day just to get sunked 1 time. If you are a rich guy and you can aford you can buy helix, but that is not in my case unfortunately, i founded on internet manny programs that are pretending to hack the sistem and gives you as much helix as you need, but they are expancive, what i m asking is a program that just showes you witch tyhings you need to collect to get that helix, is that posibel? can someone be that good and creat such hack? i think yes, because there are so manny wall hacks for example on other online games, and i do think that this is posible for this game to.

    If someone knows anithing about some hacks for this game please share them here.

    P.S: With lots of thanks RaZoR.

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    Sir my deepest apologies and I don't mean to flame, but it appears you have put your post in the wrong section.
    Also fixing of spelling and grammatical errors would definitely help with understanding what you need here

    It would appear that you need some sort of money hack for a game, called Deepolis, if my analysis is correct.
    For some games this is possible (I remember at one point for DragonFable there was both a level and money hack publicly working and released.
    But if the information for that is properly sealed/encrypted like it is supposed to be, this cannot be done.

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