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    BattleOn News 6/24/12.

    Hello people of MPGH, today we present to you some great news about battle on, to start off in the major news we have:

    Major news:
    There's going to be two new games namely OverSoul and AQW3D that's right folks, you heard it right!AQW3D is the same AQW maybe with some minor changes but the best part is that it is going to be in 3D?!?!On oversoul we have:OverSoul Character System:This week we'll be giving you a sneak peek at the Character Tree system of Oversoul. When you possess a new character, they start at level 1, Neutral standing. Once you reach a certain level requirement, you'll be given the option to change your appearance on the Character Tree. You start as an Apprentice then progress up to Veteran, Champion and finally Master! Here are just a few examples you'll find in-game:
    [IMG]https://oversoul.arti*****m/images/chars/SneakPeek-CharacterTree1A.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://oversoul.arti*****m/images/chars/SneakPeek-CharacterTree2A.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://oversoul.arti*****m/images/chars/SneakPeek-CharacterTree3A.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://oversoul.arti*****m/images/chars/CharacterTreeA.jpg[/IMG]
    Types of Character Trees: Common and Legendary Character Trees: The Character Tree will be a key part of the game because it allows you to change not only your appearance but your card deck and elemental standing marked by the colored globes. As you can see above, you have many paths to take but not all characters will have such a broad selection. Most Character Trees will only reach Veteran or Champion. Only Legendary Characters will have ALL of the tree open to them and be able to reach the Master levels. Some Character Trees may reveal a new character for you to unlock after completing a quest or objective. Character Trees with Customizable Card Decks: Some Character Trees will give players the ability to customize their card decks with all the character cards the player has unlocked within that particular Character Tree. These Character Trees would only be allowed one elemental standing and for good reason. We don't want Lava monsters spewing ice bolts or Vampires casting light spells for example. As th game progresses we may allow elements that don't clash to work together. Like the Neutral element being allowed to mix with any other element. Or maybe a Lich that can cast both Shadow and Ice spells. So as you can see the Character Tree plays a variety of roles when developing your characters. Endless Variety of Characters: There is no standard character model in Oversoul. Which means almost any kind of character you can think of can be played in Oversoul as long as they aren't too big. The Character Tree allows characters to make dramatic transformations from say a human to a vampire, werewolf, slime, clouds, inanimate objects, clowns, birds, ninja, swarm of bugs or even to a dragon.(Medium sized dragons.) The possibilities of progression are endless! But some of you might like the early look of your character so there will be the ability to lock your appearance or reset your choices. Stay tuned next week for more sneak peeks into the development of Oversoul!
    Okay now off to partial news, in Adventure Quest we see:
    With this weeks release the third cycle of the Flecks comes to a crashing close. And by the end many niggling questions that have existed since Flecks I and beyond should be answered. Flecks will not however answer all of the questions raised in the other ARCs that interconnect with it, and by the end o0f this is pretty much everything the player does. Flecks will not resolve the situation with Absolix and Ryuusei. Flecks will not resolve the issue with the Order or even with the return of the Villainous version of Atlas Maxwell, Flecks will not fully reveal the history of the Fall of Darkovia (though it sets the stage for the resolution of all of these things), Flecks will cast light on but not resolve the issues raised by The Countdown and the Breaking Point. The Shadow Saga is far from over. Flecks will not reveal the Truphma's great plan but it will hint at what is to come. Whoa that is a lot of things Flecks won't do; so, how about a few it will strive to do. In no particular order.
    1. What caused the corruption of the Alternate world that the Brilhado previously invaded. (Xitra Regerik, Duh! But how and why?)
    2. Who is Erebus? What is Erebus' Nature?
    3. What happened to the Shadow Universe to make it as it is.
    4. What is Erebus' goals and motivations (Well okay, it only gives a half answer here)
    5. Why were the players drawn strangely to the TDR anyway? And how did the TDR recognize a shadow when it saw it?

    Aelthi From AQ states the following : As many (and I do mean MANY) of you have noticed, the new monster rewards and item prices are now live. This has been coming for .... longer than I'd really like to think about; we've known it was needed, but getting all of the stars to align for it to go in was not easy. In fact, you're going to continue to see changes for a bit, as things that were not caught in the massive update and/or were changed after the massive update was planned are corrected - and things that weren't caught in the massive update at all are updated. In particular: Recent monster and items may till have old prices (they are being fixed as I type this!) Stat Training prices have not been updated. They will be! The prices for changing the element of Guardian armor in the Guardian Tower are not updated (they will change similarly to how item prices changed). I haven't had a chance to read the feedback yet (I will when I have the chance!), but here is a quick summary of WHY the rewards were changed: * At medium levels, it was impossible to afford to train your stats in the sequence that was assumed by the game without doing something to boost your gold above the expected rate of gain. This was not preferred. * At high levels, stat training was no longer an issue - but you ended up not being able to replace your equipment as often as assumed, and if you wanted to change builds, you were just out of luck. * Monster rewards and item prices were not synced with each other in any way - often not even in the same category! We tried to make higher level mean more expensive, but that wasn't always true, and the ratio of say, a weapon's cost to an armor's cost varied widely - so it's wasn't predictable. Monster rewards were equally inconsistent. So we had a bunch of reasons to change prices and monster rewards. In general, we decided to me much, much more forgiving with gold. At low levels, you'll find that monsters give out far less reward than they used to (we wanted to stretch out the very lowest levels a little more to give you more time to learn the game before things start getting difficult - at the lowest levels, for example, what your resistances are does not generally make a difference in your survival, so you have time to learn what that means). Even so, you start off with a good bit of gold from the beginning, so you have something to play with and use while learning. As you level, that starting gold becomes less important, but we allowed a fairly frequent replacement schedule for all of your items - one that if you want to, you can easily stretch beyond without killing yourself, so you can squeeze out some extra gold to get that Really Nice Item or get an item EXACTLY when you reach its level if you want to save for it - or so that you can (with care) completely untrain and retrain your character, and recover in a few levels. There is a very, very steep XP and Gold curve. It is related to the XP required to level, and we retained it because it had a few nice effects - one of which is that past mistakes tend to hurt you less, it's much easier to recover than it would be in a system with a flatter curve. So in short, enjoy the update! And watch for the things that aren't complete to be updated as time goes on. Now Off we go towards the land of AQW~! As for Adventure quest worlds , here's what we got :

    The Golden Rule: Those who have the gold... make the rules. Our special limited time GOLDEN PLATE PROMO is now live!
    This has temporarily replaced the standard 1 Year Membership package for the same discounted price, and will only last for a limited time. Once the Promotion ends... this set will go RARE and the 1 Year Membership package will go back to normal. The Golden Plate Promo comes with:
    • 1 Year of AQW Membership
    • 7000 AdventureCoins (1000 more than normal)
    • The Golden Plate Armor
    • The Golden Cape
    • The Golden helm
    • The Golden Axe
    • VIP Armor
    • VIP Helm
    • VIP Character Page Badge

    Like the DOOM Starter Package, this upgrade is NOT retroactive BUT Memberships stack, so if you have 8 months left and decide to support AQW by purchasing this promo, you will have 1 year and 8 months of Membership plus all the extras! Once you purchase the 1 year upgrade (either on AQW or by using Artix Points through your AE Master Account) here's how you access your new Golden Plate Set: 1. Log in to the AdventureQuest Worlds account that you upgraded. 2. Open your Book of Lore with your Book of Lore button!
    3. Click the AE Bookmark tab on the left-hand side of the book.
    4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the badge list and click on the Sold Gold Badge.
    5. Click the Get Item button on the opposite page to access your new items!
    If you are new to the 1 Year Membership, you can access your VIP Armor the same way, except you will find that badge in the Badges Bookmark Tab near the top of that badge list. While the Golden Plate Promo does not come with a Character page Badge, you WILL get a VIP badge on your character sheet for purchasing this or even the standard year upgrade. This amazing set is a re-imagining of the classic Golden Plate armor from AQ classic by our own Dage The Evil. Remember, like the promo package before it, the Golden Plate Package is only available for a LIMITED TIME! This will be your only chance to get these items so don't miss it! Chaos Returns to Wreak Havoc! Destiny calls to you, Hero! It is time you learned what your true purpose on Lore is, and what you will need to do in order to fulfill it! A mysterious city has appeared to the west of Chiral Valley, and the townspeople of Swordhaven whisper that strange people and monsters walk its streets. Vital knowledge lies there, but only if you are willing to venture to the ends of space and time to grasp it!
    Wastelands do not have cities appear atop them overnight… not unless magic is involved! And you can bet that Chaos is in play, too, especially since strange new creatures crawl, stalk, and float through its streets! Reports tell of a well-known mage haunting this unknown town, though that may be a traveler’s overactive imagination. Rumors fly about this new land; locals call it “The Span,” though they say it has a much more ancient, noble name. Hurry to The Span; it is vital you experience all that awaits in this new zone!
    EBILCORP T-Shirts Now On Sale! EBILCORP is looking for ambitious young people to join its new Young Executives Program. You are now able to show your support for the worlds most EBIL corporation and your disdain for the little guy with HeroMart's new EBILCORP T-shirt! This shirt also comes with the EBILCORP Executive Armor (exactly like that worn by your illustrious leader, Chairman Platinum) in AQW as well as the EBILCORP Badge for your character page.
    C'mon... Everybody likes being the bad guy! Suggestion Shop Updated! Today we have also released a very large expansion to the Player Suggestion Shop with a bunch of new armors, weapon and pets all suggested by players just like you!
    Like the Armored Royal Prince (& Princess) armor suggested by player Royal Knight, the Shadow Manipulator armor suggested by player DarkonDrago and many more! Check them all out in the Suggestion Shop in Yulgar's Inn! New Pet 'O the Month! Head to Aria's Pet Shop to check out the member-only June Pet of the Month! Samba cobbled together a conga line of colorful Hermit Crabs! Lorkade From AQW has the following to say :3 AM? We can sleep when we're undead! Hi all, just wanted to answer a few quick questions about recent events... and the middle of the night is the best time to do that (for all our players who are normally awake at this time)! Art Contest Winners Announced! If you haven't seen all of the undead-ly art contest winners yet, head to the Contest Winners Page and check out their epic entries! Make no bones about it, the judges faced a grave situation trying to pic their favorites!
    Picture by jultane_x
    Warlic vs Warlic Golem in The Span! The Warlic-Golem you see when you /join thespan is NOT the same Warlic as the one in the Battleon magic shop. But YOUR Warlic does know what the Warlic-Golem is up to - who made him, and why he's here.
    The quest to go talk to Warlic in Battleon is currently broken, but Yorumi will have that fixed as soon as possible so you can learn with your Warlic wants to tell you about the next Chaos Lord. The Future of The Span's Golems? One of our forum users, blackshock, brough up a very interesting question about the NPC Golems in The Span. Based on Tek-Golem's speech, it appears these recreations of well-known NPCs from AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest can... feel? And remember? He asks: Does [it mean] that these golems are capable of emotions? If their existence is tied to the span, then does that mean that when the chaos lord gets defeated, the golems fade out of existence? What do you think should/will happen to them if this Chaos Lord is defeated? No Story Quests in The Span? For those of you who began playing after the last chaos zone ended, this is your first Chaos hub town! When a new Chaos Lord zone begins, we start with the hub town to introduce the area and some of the storyline elements. Meet the NPCs who will watch you go on the journey, gain hints about the Chaos Lord themself, and begin repping up the quests which will unlock some crazycool gear! Dage vs Nulgath War! War is coming, and it will NOT be easy on any of the Heroes of Lore. No matter who you follow, remember - as the shadows fall, the undead rise! Pick a side, because the war between Dage's Legion and Nulgath's followers begins in early July! Are you READY to get UNDEADY?! Pyromancer Class Comes This Friday! The long-awaited, MUCH requested Pyromancer Class will be released this Friday! Dage was on fire when he created the look for the Pyromancer Class, and we're getting some great feedback on it.
    An early look at the male's Class appearance.
    If the look isn't for you, though, then never fear! You can always equip an armor OVER your class to customize your appearance to be whatever you want! Have a good night, all, it's time for sleep. But before I go, remember: You guys are what make AQWorlds and Artix Entertainment amazing! Thank you for supporting us as we continue to improve AQWorlds; together we'll make it the best game it can be. Now as we plunder into the land of Dragon Fable this is what we have to say:

    Dragon Fable:

    Venture into warring minds of The Professor and Wargoth tonight! Tomix has created new spooky backgrounds representing their clashing dreamas well as two new monsters! New Monsters! You'll also be able to fight together with the Apprentice, courtesy of Ghost! DragonLord Keep The new house is now available in Dragonsgrasp for 1000 DC! If you have a dragon, you'll be able to converse with it, feed it, train it and travel! There are also new gold house items available! Reni's Bluestar Weaponry also has the new DragonLord Helm (color custom!) for DC and the DragonCrest Scythe for gold! Click on the blue gem of the DragonCrest scythe to see it transform! DragonLord Armor Base DragonLord Armor skill have been updated! Let us know on the forums what you think of the skills and, if everything works and you guys like them, Rolith will update the other versions of the DragonLord Armor next week. Now as far as epic duel is concerned,Epic Duel:From mecha mario we have gathered the following info,Infernal Infiltration War Originally, we planned to release the War this Friday, but after some massive discussions involving the proposed features for the Infernal Infiltration War, including new battle types, new NPC AI, and new consumables, we determined that it will be better to release a fully tested and polished version of the War next week rather than a buggy, less spectacular version this week. However, we do plan to have a working prototype for Friday so our testers can create some awesome preview videos and demonstrate some of the War's exciting new features! This is disappointing short term news, but we are confident it will be worth the wait! During the Conflict, players should report to their alignment’s 4 officers. Each side has a General, Lieutenant, 3rd Officer, and Auxiliary Officer. The War Officers are (in order) Exile: John St. Alban (The Lawman), Ulysses, Galatea, and Selina; Legion: Silas Auer (Administrator 7), Valestra, Nightwraith, and Ella St. Alban (Cinderella). There will be NPC adjustments and improvements soon- the Lawman’s revamp is going live with the start of the war, with revamps to Ella and Valestra soon to follow. Attack the Vault Ok, here’s the real meat and potatoes. This war will function differently than Frysteland- we’ve learned from our mistakes and we’re ready to take on this next challenge. Basically, this is set up as a race to the finish. Instead of strictly Legion vs. Exile, both Legion and Exile players will be punching through the Vault gates. Baelius spared no expense when securing the Delta Vault so the Vault doors are protected by multiple layers of shielding to protect the them from human activity. When breached, each level of protection releases a special “something” that will be discovered when that level of defense is breached. What is the reward? That’s for you to discover! So, how are you getting through the Vault's defenses? You’ll be using grenades, available from drops or by purchase, to inflict massive damage on the Vault doors. ALL grenades will be available as drops (no exceptions), so anyone can use any bomb on the doors. There will also be mission chains that award even more war bombs! The catch is the Vault doors fight back! How long can you last against its devastating security systems? We will be featuring the most devastating players in Infernal War leaderboards! The Mechachillids are, understandably, not happy about surface dwellers ransacking their home, so they’re sending Mechachillid soldiers out into the world to bring you down in a new battle mode. Random 1v1 or 2v2 battles have a chance to match you with a Mechachillid AI opponent or ally! Loyalty is the Key Just a reminder that the special Alignment Shops will remain open for the duration of the conflict, and will be periodically updated with more items (though not this week). Don’t like what’s available? After the Infernal Infiltration War is won, the Legion or Exile Key will be converted into an achievement! But remember- choose your alignment wisely. Once you’ve chosen a side during wartime, there’s no turning back. You may still leave an Exile faction and rejoin another Exile faction, but there will be absolutely no turncoating during the Infernal Infiltration War. New War Cheevos Along with a new War comes new War Ranks- the stats for each rank are the same as they were for the Frysteland War and the player with the most points for his or her alignment (in this case, the one who inflicts the most damage upon the vault) at reset will win the Infernal War Hero achievement! Yay! U Jelly? Honeybees (Apis mellifera) are well known for their production of honey, which is formed by purifying and concentrating the nectar harvested by workers. The worker regurgitates the honey into cells in the hive several times to treat the nectar with the enzyme invertase (which breaks sucrose into its monosaccharide components glucose and fructose) and lower the water content, making it into a sticky syrup. The honey is then consumed by the colony members, including the larvae. However, this is not the only food consumed by bees. All larvae are fed initially with Royal Jelly, which is secreted from the mouthparts of workers. Royal Jelly is a high-quality nutritious food high in B vitamins and fatty acids, and female larvae that are destined to become Queens are fed Royal Jelly spiked with Royalactin. This peptide causes stimulation and maturation of the ovaries, which differentiates her from her sterile worker sisters. Now onto the topic of Hero Smash,Hero Smash:Summer! Yes it’s officially so , This week Captain Mack’s got an overdue update. Since /marketstreet was one of the newer areas there was a lot of heads (morphs) still in older shops. Now head morphs can be found in one place for your convenience. Since it’s now summer we have added to the shop a Summer time shop which will not be staying for one to two weeks but a month! Maybe even two! Some items have gone permanent rare while some are back for the 2012 season. Some new items have been added and expect more to be added soon. With the help of drDot and our new Assistant Developer Wonderp Bread, we are currently working on artwork for seasonal shops to celebrate Canada Day/ July 4th and Friday 13th. Cinderella showed me the new storyline script and it’s looking good and after the new artists begin to get a feel for the HS art style we can be heavily focus on the storyline. Yergen (HS Game Lead and AQ3D Artist) revised the meaning of RARES and SEASONAL RARES so be less confusing: Seasonal items are items that continue to return in seasonal shops year after year. Seasonal rare (Has year suffix i.e.: '11, '12) are seasonal items that are also rare (may be removed, or have updated art). Rare items are ones that are not season based, and can be permanently rare (not return, even with the year suffix)
    Now lets see what Mech Quest has for us, shall we?
    Mech Quest:

    This week there are two HOT! new back arm weapons being released in Soluna! The first of these - the Phoenix Spear - has been specially commissioned by the Traveler for Star Captains who have helped him and Maria 5 so far! This new weapon combos perfectly with the rest of the set, by not only having a chance for HP and EP DoTs, but also supporting the other weapons by giving them increased chance to hit! Meanwhile, Tek's Mechs is also receiving a new shipment of back arms: the new OverHeat model inspired by GASKAL! Created for intermediate level pilots, this weapon has it all: increased damage, a powerful DoT - and against equippable enemies it has a chance to increase the cooldowns of the enemy's arms and shoulders. So there you have it - a blazing new addition to the Phoenix series and a piping hot new weapon with the possibility to change PvP as we know it!Megagwyn has the following to say for us :Interface Update and New Weapons You may have already noted a change to the main interface this week. The News Screen no longer pops up automatically when you enter a new area. Instead, a new News button has been added just under the Options button on your main screen so that now you may read the News whenever you like! Except during battle. You can read the news during battle, but we don't recommend it. It's rumored that the Gremlins like that sort of thing. We'll be looking at more bugfixing in the next few weeks and doing a lot of major planning as well. There is a 4th of July mecha coming - updated artwork of an ancient model along with new animations and of course new specials! And that's just one of many things happening behind the scenes. Here's Plasma Charge from the forums, with the weapons news! This week there are two HOT! new back arm weapons being released in Soluna! The first of these - the Phoenix Spear - has been specially commissioned by the Traveler for Star Captains who have helped him and Maria 5 so far! This new weapon combos perfectly with the rest of the set, by not only having a chance for HP and EP DoTs, but also supporting the other weapons by giving them increased chance to hit! Meanwhile, Tek's Mechs is also receiving a new shipment of back arms: the new OverHeat model inspired by GASKAL! Created for intermediate level pilots, this weapon has it all: increased damage, a powerful DoT - and against equippable enemies it has a chance to increase the cooldowns of the enemy's arms and shoulders. So there you have it - a blazing new addition to the Phoenix series and a piping hot new weapon with the possibility to change PvP as we know it! Thanks - that was a fantastic writeup, Plasma Charge! And thanks to all of you - have a great weekend! Thanks so much for playing and for your support - and please tell all your friends about MechQuest!
    Well Thank you fellows [ who lurk ] for taking your team to read this , and we hope you have a great week.Credits to @Cosmic As Well as me , we hope to produce more news and make this section as active as it is meant to be.

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    Looks like more ways to gain money instead of making an actual good game.

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    I played aqw from 2009-end of 2011 had full bank and bag of rares not seasonaly so you could never get them again. I made lots of accounts on same email so they banned me and i lost it lol Do you know when alpha and beta testing starts for these games i want the Beta badge this time!
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