For this hacks cheat engin is needet!
How to:
Start cheatengine
Start internet
go on Mechquest
logg in
klick on the selector and select windows List
then on mechquest


1.When you are notanymore in the spaceship, go left to the policestation! (1st cinema 2cond hospital 3rd the knive and sporke)
2.there is a diner shop, go in there!
3.Klick on the women sanding in the front and select "Contest " and then "Challenge 1"

Then youll start the fight!
4.kill the first person!
5.then klick on your little face in the left
6.a window opens and there stands credits:4512435 (200)
this 200 are the coins you get!
7.tipp in cheat engine 1600 in (because 200*8=1600) and scan
8.Start 2cond fight and kill the second one
9.the same as first there will stand credits:4512435 (400)
10.tipp in cheat engine 3200 (because 400*8=3200) and scann
11.Thistime you have an exact value (3200) change it in 799999992 and freez
12. let your robot eject! you have more money!


the same as up just take not 200

-life hack-

1.go into a fight
2.tipp in cheat engine your life * 8
3.scann and attack the same like by 2
5. now you have an exact value!
6.freez it and change it to a hig number you cant be killd until you quit cheat engine!

-kill hack-

same as by life hack just with your enemys lifepoints!

-energy hack-

same as by life hack just with energy!

THX for reading and pls klick:Habamon