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    Image Title

    Can you add a image title saying:

    League of Legends
    & Realm of the Mad God

    Centered and with the color? I'm not sure if color is allowed. I read through the rules and saw nothing against it. If it isn't allowed, the just drop the color.

    @Liz Thanks in advice
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    Quote Originally Posted by BurritoYunus View Post
    I read through the rules and saw nothing against it.
    [MUST READ] Request Policies & Procedures. Updated 6/6/2015

    User title Changes

    • A minimum of 500 posts is required for basic text user titles. †
    • Title changes can only be requested every 500 posts. †
    • A minimum of 1337 posts is required for Image titles. †
    • User titles cannot contain profanity, vulgar, sexual or offensive terms.
    • A maximum of 90 characters is allowed for any text title, including any HTML edits. (Bold, center, italics, color) For donors and staff the max is 110 characters.
    • Image titles cannot be larger than 160w X 25h
    • Image titles cannot contain MPGH or anything similar to staff tags.†*
    • Image titles and text titles cannot be combined, only one or the other. †*
    • Image titles cannot be more than 1 image, unless it is a .gif and it does not violate any of the other policies.
    • Image titles can only be uploaded to Tinypic or Imgur, no others will be accepted, including MPGH attachment URLs.
    • Titles cannot have a different font.
    • Titles cannot have a different size.
    • Colored Text Titles require 1000 posts or more.
    • Usergroups tags cannot be moved or replaced etc. (Premiums, Member level, Minion, Princess, etc.) They are set by the system and their placement is fixed.

    Also that would be a text title not an image title.

    Done 654.

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