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    Text Title

    Hi Liz,
    May I have a text title please?
    RoTMG Buyer, COLOR="#800080", bold and centered please.
    And could you please make my avatar centered as well? Thank you.
    Quote Originally Posted by hokko
    I've supplied your site $2k+ worth of items. Legit, Trusted Buyer!
    Quote Originally Posted by Botmaker View Post
    I went first and sold about 300 life pots worth of items, I Vouch for King Tijn 2 quick legit trader.
    Quote Originally Posted by coFounder View Post
    Nice bayer.
    Sold him items for 350$+
    Always give first and always take money very fast)
    Quote Originally Posted by noisux View Post
    Sold 175 usd of stuff to him. went first and got money after. so vouch +1 .. can be trusted with bulk orders and wont run away
    Quote Originally Posted by sacred76 View Post
    + vouching ,sold him items worth of 120$,everything went smooth ,trust this guy!
    Quote Originally Posted by none123none View Post
    Great buyer, I went first and sold about 200 Life worth of pots & tops.
    Got the money quickly. Vouch for King!!
    Quote Originally Posted by marceliino View Post
    Huge Vouch for @King Tijn 2
    Sold 120 Life + 4 Foul + 4 Acrop, i went first and trade went completely smooth as usual
    Quote Originally Posted by B-Pixel View Post
    I can vouch for King Tijn 2! I know the RWT site this person owns, and I have sold to them and have had multiple friends sell to this person as well.

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    Avatar placement is allocated by Vb, nothing we can change about that. Title done.

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