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    Name/Title change request

    Name: Enaryy , change e lowercase to uppercase.
    Also would like to change name color if possible to FF800D, if name colors not possible, just ignore this.
    Title: Centered.
    Also would like to have Donator title centered as well.
    Thank you.
    Quote Originally Posted by swagmedo View Post
    Rip all items!

    Vouch to Enaryy, he bought almost everything from me and I look forward to trade with him more in the future. :-)
    Quote Originally Posted by belloguu View Post
    Vouch! Enaryy is legit. i went first and he was smooth and fast. Best seller of UGCs.
    Quote Originally Posted by IonBaller07 View Post
    Vouch! I went first. Sold him 60 life. Went super quick and easy and payment was instant. Will definitely be going back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pepsi Cola View Post
    Vouched. He went first and was a very fast trade. My 2nd trade with this seller and has yet again been successful. +1
    Quote Originally Posted by Flamewizar View Post
    Vouch I went first.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rigolord View Post
    Vouch for him. I went first. Turned out to be a quick smooth trade. Hope to sell to him again.
    Quote Originally Posted by none123none View Post
    Ok so i added him, and he showed me proof of his own RWT site. (Added my name on his page)

    And i went first and we had a smooth trade. Sorry about talking bad.
    Thanks for trade, Legit seller, Real RWT site (LOWEST prices around)!!!
    Big Vouch for you!!
    Quote Originally Posted by princsce View Post
    Bought items worth 17 bucks, he is legit.
    Quote Originally Posted by rghmodz View Post
    Legit and fast.

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    1. Name done. Same name, just capital 'E'.
    2. Name color cannot be changed, it is the same as your main user group tag. (In your case, donor.)
    3. Image title done.
    4. User group tags (Donor, Princess, Minion, Staff Admin. etc.) are fixed, their placement cannot be altered. They are naturally centered. Only image titles can be placed center, or left to their natural left alignment.

    Also beware of advertising, be it rival sites, or your own. If it's gaming related it's generally not allowed. It can lead to a permanent ban.

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