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    Image Title / Name Change / Image Title Question

    I don't know how to make an image title so forgive me on that.

    - Can I have one with the word "High Roller" in White, with #FFCC66 as the BG color. Center and Bolded I guess. (If not, that's fine, Ill make one if I can be told where to look for the info, and in the meantime use the below request)

    - The "Professional Badass" text title, can that be bolded, centered, and set to #FF0000 (Im also wondering about turning that into an image title like [Pro (Some Image) BA] but I will leave that for a later date)

    - Name change to "Night Demonz" and that gold donator color, ehhhh. Can it be a different color like #FF0000

    - And I might as well get the Member Lvl 1 tag, and trust me, I've look everywhere for info on that, and didn't see anywhere to post for that question.

    So to recap, Name edit, Member Tag, Profession Badass text title thing or if you can, the High Roller tag. Either the tag (1st priority) or the Text title (If I need to make the tag)

    Thanks in advance @Liz
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    Most of that, is on the main sticky in this section.

    Name color cannot be changed.
    I do not make image titles for people, you have to do it yourself or ask someone to do it for you.
    You cannot have both an image and a text title at the same time.
    You cannot have the donor user group AND the member level ______ Donor replaces that user group.

    Read the stickies in this section, rethink your request and post again.

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