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    Title change and name change :D

    would love to get a name change and a title change plz and ty

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    Namechange = DickNuLty
    and the title change on this thread to : "DickNuLty's - [BOOST Service] [99% WIN] [Fast/Reliable] [Ow Bypass] " in bold font
    in red color?
    Last edited by DickNuLty; 03-24-2015 at 09:26 PM.
    Quote Originally Posted by Karwinn View Post
    Will be adding you ! Edit: Vouch! Losses were second to none, rounds were smooth.
    Boost was fun. Chill guy. +rep!
    Quote Originally Posted by kaisong View Post
    +vouch we won both games easy he had 60+ kills legit booster etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by swifter1 View Post
    +Vouch won game, awesome nice guy, great communication, overall great booster would recommend!
    Quote Originally Posted by g.szuba View Post
    im coming for another two games great bvoost nice and fast!!! +vouch
    Quote Originally Posted by eris209 View Post
    +1 vouch this guy is really great at boosting and it was fun
    Quote Originally Posted by johnnykk View Post
    +1 vouch +1 rep for this guy! He helped us a LOT !! Awesome guy!
    Quote Originally Posted by KingJohnnn View Post
    +1 Vouch + 1 Rep. Great guy and the boosting was fast and simple. No waiting. Thanks, and I intend to purchase more boosting in the future!
    More Vouches on my boost thread
    "" all payments must be "send money to family and friends" Cheap Boost! Free OW Bypass!

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    Name done, previous name "tanner17".

    Titles refer to the space above your usergroup tags, and below your name. Where it currently says "cheater". Not thread titles. I can edit the name of the thread, but color and "bold" as you say cannot be edited. All threads that have not been read by any member shows up as 'bold' to them. Once read or marked read, that goes away.

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