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    Complete Runescape Armor List

    Armor Types

    Each combat class has it's own type of armor that it benefits from the most. Of course, as long as you meet any requirements for a piece of armor, you can wear it.

    Armor For Everyone

    Basic Robes
    Not really considered armor, this category contains a lot of RuneScape clothing including Blue Wizard Robes, Priest Gowns, Black Wizard Robes, Zamorak & Monk Robes, HAM & Fremennik Robes, Dwarven & Gnome clothing, Mime & Shades Clothing, and more.

    Rogue Armor
    This armor is a weak, all-around armor. It is very light-weighted, but it is not good for combat. They are untradeable and obtained at the Rogue's Den.

    Fremennik Helmets
    Not really considered an armor type, the Fremennik Helms offer more Defense than a Rune Full. There are different types, which specialize in each class of combat. They're double in price though. You can buy these after Fremennik Trials Quest.

    Armor For Warriors

    Bronze is the basic armor for warriors, and most new players use this as it is cheap and easy to obtain. It doesn't offer much protection.

    Iron is the armor that comes after Bronze. There are no requirements, offer a bit more Defense, but are slightly more expensive and harder to obtain.

    Armor of the dark army, this armor is a bit different in appearance and shades compared to normal iron armor, but it is equivalent to iron nonetheless.

    Steel - Requires 5 Defense
    Steel is a quite common armor because it's generally inexpensive and offers more protection than Iron or Bronze.

    Red Decorative Armor - Requires 5 Defense
    This armor is obtained at a low ticket cost at Castle Wars, and it is equivalent to Steel. Not very useful, but colorful.

    Black - Requires 10 Defense
    Black armor is considered uncommon, as it cannot be smithed. It is a quite simple and elegant type of armor, but most people wear it for showing off, not much for combat as some pieces are difficult to find and sometimes expensive.

    Mithril - Requires 20 Defense
    A partially common armor that isn't too expensive and offers good Defense.

    White Decorative Armor - Requires 20 Defense
    This armor is obtained at a Semi-High ticket cost at Castle Wars, and it is equivalent to Mithril. Not used much as combat, because it is hard to obtain, but it is really elegant.

    Temple Initiate Armor - Requires 20 Defense
    Known as the white armor, this armor offers a bit less protection than Mithril, but offers a considerable prayer bonus. It is obtained after the Recruitment Drive Quest.

    Adamant - Requires 30 Defense
    "As hard as adamant"
    A semi-common armor, used largely by warriors, offers good Defense Not really used in PVP activities.

    Yellow Decorative Armor - Requires 30 Defense
    This armor is obtained at a very high ticket cost at Castle Wars, and it is equivalent to Adamant. No one wants to lose this in combat, as it is extremely hard to obtain. This armor is more for bragging rights.

    Proselyte Armor - Requires 30 Defense.
    While this armor looks similar to Temple Initiate Armor, it adds much more defense to its wearer. Completion of the Slug Menace Quest is required before you can buy and wear this armor.

    Rune - Requires 40 Defense
    Common and expensive, and it offers great Defense! It's the armor that nearly everyone uses in combat, sometimes expensive to replace, but the high Defense bonuses compensate for that.

    Granite - Requires 50 Defense and Strength
    Not really considered an armor type, the Granite Shield offers slightly less defense in melee than a Rune Kite, but it has a better magic and ranged defense. It is also very heavy, and can drain your stamina quite fast. They are dropped by Trolls.

    Dragon - Requires 60 Defense
    Dragon armor is very expensive and rare, and it offers great Defense, but not many people would use this in a risky combat situation. Some kinds of Dragon armor need certain quests to be completed before being able to be worn. This armor is more for bragging rights.

    Crystal - Requires 70 Defense and 50 Agility
    Obtained after the Roving Elves Quest, and not really considered a big category of armor type, the Crystal Shield is a special kind of shield. Obtained after roving elves, this shield offers the best range Defense at 10/10 Points. However, it degrades itself over uses, and loses bonuses until it is repaired. This is a very expensive option, however.

    Barrows - Requires 70 Defense
    This type of armor is rare, and it is currently the most powerful armor in the game, offering bonuses as the sets are collected. They can degrade, but unlike Crystal, they're not as expensive to fix and do not lose bonuses as they degrade.

    Lunar - Requires 65 Magic, 40 Defense, and Completion of Lunar Diplomacy
    This set is mainly worn for its looks, and has medium Magic and Defense bonuses.

    Bandos - 65 Defense
    Dropped by Bandos and his warriors, the chestplate provides great protection. A very rare drop, it has lower defense bonuses than Barrows, but provides excellent bonuses and doesn't degrade, it is also one of the only plates in the game giving strength bonuses.

    Third Age Melee - 65 Defense
    One of the rarest platebodies in the game, it is an incredibly rare reward from a level three Treasure Trail. Better than a dragon chainmail, it is a costly plate. Best for bragging rights and not for training.

    Armor For Mages

    Not considered an armor type yet, the Elemental Shield has no physical protection but offers moderate magical protection. You have to do the Elemental Workshop Quest to make these.

    Splitbark - Requires 40 Magic and Defense
    A Special Mage armor that does actually offer melee protection as well as good magical bonuses. It is weak against ranging though.

    Mystical Robes - Requires 40 Magic and 20 Defense
    Robes dedicated solely to Magic, which means it offers very good magic bonuses, but has absolutely no protection against anything physical. They are bought in the Magic Guild or dropped from Slayer monsters.

    Ghost Robes - Requires completion of the Desert Treasure Quest
    After starting the Ghost Robes Mini-Quest, you'll receive the top of the Ghost Robes outfit. After that, you need to find each of the other ghosts wandering around RuneScape to get the other pieces. Once you have the entire set, you'll be transparent! The full set adds a bonus of 21 to both your Magic Attack and Defense.

    A reward from the Mage Training Arena, Infinity equipment is better than mystic and ghostly. It provides +20 in both attack and defense bonuses. It can cost much, so it's not intended for training, mystic can take it's place for that.

    Third Age Mage - 30 Defense 65 Magic
    One of the rarest magic equipment in the game, it is an incredibly rare reward from a level three Treasure Trail. Better than the Infinity top, it provides +2 more in magic attack and defense bonuses. Rare and not intended for training, simple mystic or ghostly would replace it.

    Armor For Rangers

    Leather is the weakest armor in the game. It gives a very small Defense bonus.

    Hardened Leather
    Hardened Leather is slightly better than regular Leather, but it is not a recommended armor.

    Studded Leather - Requires 20 Ranged and Defense
    Leather armored with small Steel Studs added, which can add additional Defense. This armor is still quite basic though.

    Snakeskin Armor - Requires 30 Ranging and Defense
    This armor is made from the hides of Bush Snakes while chopping away at the Tai Bwo Wannai Jungle. The hides can be tanned and crafted into Snakeskin Armor, which is slightly less powerful than Green Dragonhide and also heavier.

    Green Dragonhide - Requires 40 Ranged and Defense
    Green Dragonhide is the basic Dragon hide armor for all rangers. It has much more Defense than leathers, offers good protection against magic and is quite lightweight.

    Blue Dragonhide - Requires 50 Ranged and 40 Defense
    Blue Dragonhide is better than its green counterpart. It is Members-Only, but offers extra bonuses for Ranging as well as more Defense bonuses.

    Red Dragonhide - Requires 60 Ranged and 40 Defense
    Red Dragonhide is much better than its blue counterpart. It is Members-Only, but offers even more extra bonuses for Ranging as well as more Defense bonuses.

    Black Dragonhide - Requires 70 Ranged and 40 Defense
    A very good Ranger armor, which offers possibly the best magic protection and Ranging bonuses.

    Third Age Range - 45 Defense 65 Range
    One of the rarest range equipment in the game, crafted from white dragonhide, it provides better protection than a black d'hide body, but less than an Armadyl chestplate. Extremely rare, not recommended for training, any d'hide can take it's place.

    Armadyl - 70 Defense 70 Range
    A rare drop from Armadyl's warriors, the chestplate is currently the best range top in the game. It is costly, but provides great bonuses, doesn't degrade like Karils and can take any place for any range equipment. Can be used for training, though any other d'hide can take its' place.

    Helmets & Headgear

    Anything that you wear on your head is considered a helmet of headgear. These include regular helmets, hats, masks and other items.


    Medium Helmets
    Although they are smaller and offer less bonuses, they don't negate as much on magic and ranging.

    Full "Large" Helmets
    Full Helmets offer better protection than medium helmets, but casting magic or using a ranged weapon is more difficult when using a full helmet, purely because the characters vision is obstructed.

    Hats & Masks

    Chef's Hats, Eye Patches & Other Hats
    There are a lot of decorative hats around RuneScape that can be bought or found, but they don't give any bonuses.

    Santa Hat
    A rare Holiday Item which give no defensive bonuses. Back in RuneScape Classic, it gave a small magical bonus.

    Party Hats
    The most valuable, rare and expensive hats around, giving no defensive bonuses.

    Halloween Masks
    Another expensive Holiday Item that gives no defensive bonuses.

    Bunny Ears
    An untradeable Holiday Item that gives no bonuses but can be re-obtained from the Varrock Clothing Shop if you happen to lose it.

    Pirate Hats, Highwayman Masks, Cavaliers, Berets & Headbands
    Treasure Trail hats that are only for looks, not for stats.

    Chompy Hats
    Obtained from Chompy kills, they look like headbands but give no bonus at all.

    Desert Disguise
    Obtained in the Feud Quest, this makes you have a fake beard.

    Mithril/Steel Equivalent, obtained after the Mountain Daughter Quest. It is untradeable, and if lost, you can find it back at the Chief of the mountain tribe.

    Other Headgear

    Goblin Mining Helmet
    Iron quality, this helm can be obtained by goblin miners from the Lost Tribe Quest. It can be lit with level 65 Firemaking.

    Golden Helmet
    Made for Between a Rock Quest, This helmet is equivalent to Steel or Mithril

    Spiny Helmet
    This helmet which is equivalent to Steel prevents Wall Beasts from hurting you too much.

    Made from Silver, they are so small that they give no real Defense, and all they do is give you an extra inventory space while Runecrafting.

    Body Armor

    There are 2 main kinds of body armor: Chainmail and Platemail.

    Chainmail is made up of small rings connected together. It is particularly useful for turning away slashing weapons and absorbing the impact of a "crushing" attack. Chain is weak against stabbing weapons as small pointy blades can get through the rings. Chain is quite flexible, and so does not carry any disadvantages when using ranged weapons.

    Plate armour is much heavier and stronger than chain, although rangers and mages find it incredibly difficult to use in conjunction with firing arrows or spells. Plate armour is weakest against crushing damage as it cannot absorb the impact as well as it can against slashing or stabbing attacks. Rune Plate armor cannot be worn until Dragon Slayer Quest has been completed.


    There are 2 main kinds of shields: Square and Kite. Although they may seem similar, there are differences between them. There are also various other types of shields in RuneScape as well!

    The Square shield is weak against crushing attacks, but it neither penalizes nor bonuses ranging and maging. Not many know the advantages of this type of shield, so they are not very common.

    Kite shields have better overall defense, but they are weak against stabbing attacks and slightly weaker against magic. Most people use these, and are easily obtainable.

    Other Shields

    Wooden Shield
    First shield you get from Tutorial Island, and it is pretty much worthless and offers no real defense.

    Training Shield
    After you arrive in Lumbridge, pay a visit to the Defense Tutor to obtain a Training Shield - a slightly better shield than that old Wooden one! This item (along with the other Training items) cannot be dropped or traded to other players.

    Dragonfire Shield
    Extra-weak in all aspects, but it is the only shield that allows maximum protection against Dragon Breath. When you're fighting Dragons, bring this unless you want to be dragon toast! You can obtain these from the Duke of Lumbridge, in the Dragon Slayer Quest.

    Elemental Shield
    Completely useless for protecting against physical damage, but offers considerable magical protection.

    Mirror Shield
    Used to prevent being frozen by Cockatrices and Basilisks. It doesn't offer great defense in other aspects.

    Dropped by Market Guards and Warriors in Rellekka. They are equivalent to Adamant Kites and are untradeable.

    Granite Shield
    Better than a Rune Kiteshield and Square shield. It offers great ranging defense and more Defense in the other categories. It's very heavy though, and it can drain energy quickly.

    Crystal Shield
    This shield is a special kind of shield. Obtained after roving elves, this shield offers the best range Defense at 10/10 Points. However, it degrades itself over uses, and loses bonuses until it is repaired. This is a very expensive option, however. You must repair it at one of the roving elves.

    Obsidian Shield
    This shield can be bought from the Fight Pit Shop for 67,500 TokKul. It adds a decent defense bonus, and it is particularly effective against ranged attacks.

    Third Age Kiteshield - 65 Defense
    This incredibly rare kiteshield, is currently the rarest shield in the game, it is an extremely rare reward from a level three Treasure Trail. Less bonuses than a Dragonfire shield (charged), it provides great protection. More for bragging rights, a dragonfire shield or an obsidian shield can take its' place.

    Dragonfire Shield - 75 Defense
    The dragonfire shield is the best shield in the game when fully charged. A very rare drop from certain dragons, a dragon visage can be used with an anti-dragonfire shield to make a dragonfire shield(uncharged). For the shield to be charged it must be used in combat with a dragon, collected its' dragonfire. Each charge adds +1 slash, stab, crush and ranged defenses.

    Berserker Shields

    Berserker shields are rewarded from the Fist of Guthix minigame. They degrade over time as they are used in combat, and are only tradeable once they are completely degraded. This type of shield comes in two varieties: Adamant, which requires level 35 Defense to wield, and Rune, which requires level 45 Defense to wield. This type of shield is one of four types of freeplay shields that grant a Strength bonus.


    Spikeshields are also rewarded from the Fist of Guthix minigame. They degrade over time as they are used in combat, and are only tradeable once they are completely degraded. This type of shield comes in two varieties: Adamant, which requires level 35 Defense to wield, and Rune, which requires level 45 Defense to wield. This type of shield is one of four types of freeplay shields that grant a Strength bonus.

    Gloves offer small Defense, but in some cases you need them to perform certain actions, such as picking up Nettles or Firebird Feathers. They may not have much defense, but they look good and are often worth it.

    Leather Gloves
    Regular Leather gloves are easy to obtain. They offer very small Defense and are considered worthless. You can craft these.

    Colored Gloves
    Some people believe they give better bonuses, but they are just a different color, for looks. Obtained in various place around runescape, some are tradeable to free players (The Canifis Gloves). Ham & Fremennik Gloves as well as any other gloves fall into this category, and cannot be made.

    Splitbark Gloves
    Although not the best gloves for mages, these gloves provide a decent amount of defense.

    Vambraces are known as archer armbands, which are designed to make the user fire arrows longer, so it gives more Defense and range bonus than regular gloves. Dragon Vambraces offer considerable Defense and magical protection.

    Ice Gloves
    Obtained from the ice queen in the Heroes Quest, these ice cool gloves allow you to touch hot stuff without harm. They offer a little better defense than regular gloves.

    Mystic Gloves
    Offering no physical protection but a small magic bonus, these gloves are made for mages. These are bought from the Magic Guild or dropped from Slayer monsters.

    Klank's Gauntlets
    These hard gloves protect you from Half-Souless bites in the Underground Pass Quest. They are bought at 5,000gp each, and they are some of the best gloves in the game.

    Steel Gauntlets
    Offering the same great bonuses like the Klank Gauntlets, these gauntlets can actually be enchanted to 3 different types of gloves (Cooking, Crafting or Magic), after the Family Crest Quest. If you lose them, you can always get them back from the father.

    Other Gauntlets
    Rewards from the Fists of Guthix minigame, gauntlets give only defense bonuses. They are the best gloves in F2P, all gauntlets are available to F2P except dragon gauntlets.

    Armored Gloves
    Armored Gloves are obtained during the Recipe for Disaster Quest. You can buy them from The Culinaromancers' Chest and are untradeable. The gloves armour is known by their color, although know as 'Gloves' in-game. They range from Normal, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Addy, Rune, Dragon and finally to Barrows. They are said to be one of the best gloves in the game.


    Although they give low bonuses, feet are important to protect, and some boots give special bonuses!

    Leather Boots
    The most basic armor type for the feet. It is the only available feet protection for free players.

    Colored Boots
    Simple leather boots colored with dyes, obtainable from various clothing shops in RuneScape (Rellekka, Gnome Stronghold, Canifis, HAM). There are no additional bonuses for these boots.

    Boots of Lightness
    These have the same stats as leather boots, but their specialty is that they reduce your overall weight by 4kg. Can be obtained in the basement of the Temple Of Ikov. These are quite useful for running or Runecrafting.

    Ranger Boots
    The best and only boots that a ranger could ever have! Can be obtained from doing Treasure Trails, and are quite expensive.

    Wizard Boots
    Slightly better than Mystic Boots. Can be obtained from doing Treasure Trails.

    Splitbark Boots
    Not exactly the best boots for a mage, but its lowered mage stats has made up for the better protection it provides.

    Climbing Boots
    Useful for climbing up mountains and hills. It is used for quests such as Desert Treasure, Death Plateau, Troll Stronghold and Troll Romance. It provides slightly better protection from leather boots. It also provides a bit of strength.

    Spiked Boots
    You cannot wear those boots anywhere else than the Ice Plateau in the Desert Treasure Quest. These stop you from slipping on ice.

    Mime Boots
    Not particularly useful, more for bragging rights as you can only obtain it from the Mime Stage Random Event.

    Desert Boots
    These can reflect the desert heat, improving your chances of survival in the Al Kharidian Desert.

    Gardening Boots
    When worn, these boots allow you to plant crops 1 level ahead of your current level.

    Armored Boots
    There are many armored boots across runescape, mostly bought from other players or from Slayer monsters. They give a considerable bonus defense, but are heavier than regular type boots.

    Dragon - 60 Defense
    Dragon boots are a rare drop from the Spiritual mage in the god wars dungeon, requiring a slayer level of 83 to kill. They provide much better bonuses than rune and have much replaced them with their arrival when the dungeon first came out.

    Bandos - 65 Defense
    Bandos boots are one of the best boots in the game, it provides great bonuses but it's costs deflect that. A very rare from from General Graardor and his warriors. They can be substituted with dragon boots.

    Other Gear

    There are many things that can protect you. Other items can be worn on different parts of your character than can help you.

    Amulets are particularly useful. The Amulet of Defense is quite good, as well as the amulet of power and glory. However, the Gnome Amulet of Defense, obtained after the Tree Gnome Village Quest, offers very good Defense

    Completed Saradomin and Guthix Prayer Books offer a small defensive bonus when worn, which can be useful in some cases. Remember, the Saradomin Book gives more defense than a Guthix Book, while a Zamorak Book does not give any Defense.

    Although not very defensive, rings can be "Defensive" in some ways:

    The ring of recoil returns 25% Damage to the attack, which helps in that matter.
    The ring of life protects you from death, which defense is meant to do.
    All capes offer a small defense bonus, but the best ones are Skill Capes and Fire Capes, which add Defense, Prayer, Strength and Attack bonuses. God Capes from the Wilderness Mage Arena, Obsidian Capes from Tzhaar, and the Legend's Cape from the Legend's Guild are also good.

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