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    modding vehicle speed

    hi would it be possible to mod the vehicles speed?

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    i know how
    go here
    C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2
    Find Objects_server make a backup of it,place it anywhere(just remember)
    Extract it to your desktop(you just need the Vehicles folder)
    Open the Vehicles folder,then open Land/Sea/Air... theres alot of folders
    they are vehicles,look up the Vehiclewiki for BF2
    when you find your vehicle,open the folder,theres a .tweak file
    HALT! you must uncheck Read-only
    to do that you must:
    Right click the .tweak file,and click properties,then uncheck Read-Only
    Okay click apply then ok
    Find these lines in the tweak file
    "ObjectTemplate.setTorque 290
    ObjectTemplate.setDifferential 4
    ObjectTemplate.setNumberOfGears 4
    ObjectTemplate.setGearUp 0.85
    ObjectTemplate.setGearDown 0.4
    ObjectTemplate.setGearChangeTime 0.7"
    From what i know,Torque is what matters here,i already changed it from 250 to 290,Dont make it too high! you'll go out of control
    Then heres how you get it to work ingame:
    Save and close the tweaked file,make it Readonly again
    Open the objects_server file(shud be a RAR or ZIP)
    Put the Vehicles folder in the RAR,put it back in the folder you got it out of
    C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2
    Then run BF2 and you should be good
    If not,PM Me
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