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    Found Jägerbomb for 1.6 Detected

    I found a Jägerbomb for v1.6 but virustotal says it has a lot of viruses now personally i have not had any problems with it but I don't want to post it unless i know i can clean out some viruses or if someone else can clean out its viruses or if it has viruses at all. So if you can tell me how i might remove some viruses from it or if you can or if it maybe false positives, The virustotal link is this.... Virustotal. MD5: 228d7e7e39ff70df5b244635a58c32fd Trojan Horse Trojan.Crypt.TPM.Gen Trojan.Generic.1970107
    So if you think it is a false positive i could upload the hack or if you can tell me how to get rid of some of the nasty files virus total says it has then 1.6 users can get a nice aimbot. sadly it is PB detected so only non pb servers
    Well actually i am just going to post download at your own risk like i said i haven't had any problems with it with viruses and such but i use Avast.
    It is easy to use...
    1. Unrar it.
    2. Open it.
    3. Choose the pathway to your cod4 v1.6
    4. You may want to change you binds i use... F1 to F4 for general on on off switch setting and z for on off setting aimbot config one, and v for aimbot config 2
    5. once everything is set up you can save it how you have it set up if you want to.
    6. press launch remember you must have your path going to a iw3mp.exe file for Version 1.6
    7. launch a NON-PUNBUSTER server preferably one without killcam on so they can't tell as easily. A good server is [Eztec] Pure Hardcore and it is the server i did my screenshots in and i was ballsy enough to do it while admins were playing i just left when they were on to me, a good idea is to leave and change your name so that it is completely different and join back in like 10-15 minutes.
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    cool thanks..

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