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    Warning about Public Hacks

    Hi there,

    theres a new thing going round called a Cd key stealer, Its pretty much a Backdoor Trojan that as soon as you execute the file it will going into your call of duty 4 file and Steal you CD key.

    "Why the hell would I download a CD key Stealer then?" Well on they don't call it a CD key stealer they will change the name and configure it so you wont ven know it's one.

    One way of doing this is selling it as a "Free Undetected Call of duty 4 hack" By this way as soon as you download it and click on the file, the file will steal your cd key.

    No im not saying that all free hacks are a cd key stealer (Mombot actually make wonderful detected hacks) but just be aware there are people trying to take your cd key.

    I.E The post "Free COD4Bot" By Pansemuckle is A CDkey stealer.

    So before downloading free hacks do your homework find out what other people have said about it or usirus scanner.
    e i v
    Note: youtube is crawling with cdkey stealers so just dont download anything from there.

    hope this helps

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    Thank you for posting, when posting in formal matters such as this, please assure you use correct grammer. The hacks here are approved by Mods...or most, they don't have any for call of duty. They will start a job application if this section becomes more popular. Anyways, thanks for informing users about this issue. I would like to state that some EXE can self-execute.

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