Here's how to change your name color on the ps3 game Call Of Duty 4. You can also add button icons to your clan tag with this...

Step 1.) OK, First thing's first, You need to have... - A USB drive or SD card so you can move data between the ps3 and your computer.

You'll also need a Hex Editor. I use Cygnus Hex Editor Free Addition which you can find at Cygnus Free Download

Step 2.) Now that you've got all that you need to follow some instructions. Here's what you do. *Insert the USB or SD card into the ps3
*Now, Copy the COD4 game data already saved on the ps3 to your USB drive (or your SD card)
*Now, hook up the USB or SD card into your computer and open your Hex Editor

Step 3.) Finding your saved game
*Using the Hex Editor choose to open a file
*Browse into your USB or SD card, you should find a folder named PS3.
*Open the PS3 Folder and in it there should be another folder called SAVEDATA
*Open the next folder inside of SAVEDATA it should be called BLUS30072-AUTO- or something like that
*Find the file called GPADO_MP

Step 4.) Editing Your Saved Data
*Ok now that you have the file open look in the right column for where it says "set clanName"
*Next to or under set clanName there should be your clan name with quotes around it.
*NOW here's how to change it. you highlight the clan name change the letters to "^0" or "^1" or something to that effect. I will list the colors and buttons codes after I finish the tut.

Step 5.) Replacing the saved game data
* Ok. After you save the changes you've made to the file remove the USB from your pc and put it back into your PS3
* Find your USB or SD card on the ps3 and then find your new game data.
* Once you find the new game data and have it highlighted hit triangle and a menu comes up. Hit Copy, when asked to overwrite you hit yes.
*Now start up the game and look at the new changes.


^0 = Black
^1 = Red
^2 = Green
^3 = Yellow
^4 = Blue
^5 = Cyan
^6 = Purple
^7 = White or Pink
^8 = Gray

0E = Start
0F = Select
10 = L3
11 = R3
12 = L2
13 = R2
05 = L1
06 = R1
14 = D pad Up
15 = D pad Down
16 = D Pad Left
17 = D Pad Right
01 = X
02 = O
03 = []
04 = /\