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    Help please !!!!! Call of Duty 4 Cracked sever !Help PLease

    ok so i made this exact post earlier but it seems no one wants to help me . All i want to know is how to host a cracked server ford Call of Duty 4.So ill just keep posting like that one guy who replied said.

    Ok so im new here and this is my first post so i apologise in advance if im asking any stupid questions. Well my friends and i all have cracked copies of Call of Duty 4 and I am aware that there are cracked servers we can play on, but we get tired of all the damn cheaters and we rather have own server for just the few of us to play on. So my question is how do you go about setting up Call of Duty 4 cracked server. Please dont tell me to google it cuz i have and i havent really come upp with any except that i may need a fix or somthing. So can somene be so kind as to give my advice on exactly what to do to set up a COD4 cracked server .(please)

    Please help me

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