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    CoD4 Server Development Part 1

    Commands For Your Server!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The Call of Duty 4 console commands are very similair to the previous CoD editions.

    You can use the commands by pressing '~' while you are in-game. A small bar will appear on the top of your screen. Now you can enter one of the following commands.
    If the console does not display when you press '~', you need to enable it. Do this by going to the game's main menu -> Options -> Game Options... -> Enable Console should say 'Yes'.

    PS: For a larger console window (needed for /status for example) you need to press 'Shift + ~'. In this window the command output will appear, you can scroll up and down with the scroll button on your mouse.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    /serverinfo - This command shows the server settings and configurations.
    /map [map name] - This will load the given map.

    /map_rotate - This will load the next map of the rotation. This is set in the 'sv_maprotation' file on your server.

    /map_restart - This will restart the current map.

    /fast_restart - This will restart the current map just like /map_restart but is much faster as it will not load the map again. It will just restart the map.

    /status - This shows information about the connected players. This includes the client ID, score, ping, GUID, name and IP address. The ID and name can be used for the following commands.

    /tell [player id] - This will display a message to a specific player. The ID is given with the /status command.

    /clientkick [player id] - This will kick a player according to its ID (given with the /status command).

    /kick [player name] - This will do the same as the /clientkick command, but this command requires the player's name. However, some names are very difficult to enter (with colour codes etc.), thats why the /clientkick commands is easier in use. You can use 'all' as player name, this will kick all players from the server.

    /onlykick [player name] - Does the same as /kick as far as I know.

    /banClient [player id] - This command will ban a player according to its ID. The player's GUID will be added to ban.txt.

    /banUser [player name] - This command does the same as the /banclient command. However, this requires you to fill in the player's name, it is therefore advised to use the /banclient command (names can be long or contain colour codes).

    /tempBanClient [player id] - This will temporary ban a player using the player's ID. The length of a temporary ban can be changed in the server configuration file.

    /tempBanUser [player name] - This will temporary ban a player using the player's name.

    /unbanUser [player name] - This will unban a user according to the player's name. If the player's name appears more than once in ban.txt, you can edit the file and remove the banned player manually.

    /dumpuser [player name] - This will give information about the player.

    /killserver - As the name says, it will shut your server down.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    RCON usage
    It is very likely that you are not playing at the same location (IP address) as your server is. Thats where we use RCON (= remote control) commands for. Using RCON is very easy, just add '/rcon ' in front of the commands above (removing the '/' of those commands).
    But before you can use RCON, you will have to login:
    /rcon login [password] - Fill in the password of the server and you can use RCON commands.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    More (useless) commands
    /serverstatus - This will give you information about the server settings and a quick list of online players.

    /serverinfo - This will give you some diversified about IW settings on your server and some useless information.

    /systeminfo - This will give you a list of the settings your server has.

    /clientinfo - This will give you information about the yourself as client.

    /showip - This will provide your IP address.

    /cmdlist - This will show a complete list of commands available.

    Good luck with keeping your server clean and as you wish
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ambush = mp_convoy

    Backlot = mp_backlot

    Bloc = mp_bloc

    Countdown = mp_countdown

    Crash = mp_crash

    Crossfire = mp_crossfire

    District = mp_citystreets

    Downpour = mp_farm

    Overgrown = mp_overgrown

    Pipeline = mp_pipeline

    Shipment = mp_shipment

    Strike = mp_strike

    Showdown = mp_showdown

    Vacant = mp_vacant

    Wetwork = mp_cargoship

    And If You Would Like Your Server Then DO THIS WAY
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    devmap mp_convoy

    devmap mp_backlot

    devmap mp_bloc

    devmap mp_countdown

    devmap mp_crash

    devmap mp_crossfire

    devmap mp_citystreets

    devmap mp_farm

    devmap mp_overgrown

    devmap mp_pipeline

    devmap mp_vacant

    devmap mp_shipment
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    To Open Console Press "~" On Your Keyboard. The Most Simple Dvars (cheats) To Use Are (god 1,r_znear35,noclip,player_sustainammo 1,give all)etc. When You Put It In Press

    /god 1

    If You DON'T / Then It Will Send It Through Chat.

    Thank Me
    Join My Cod4 Server (
    Wait For Part 2 To Show You To Setup Your Cod4 Dedicated Server!
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