im just here to tell you guys that I finish up call of duty modern warfare 2 today before the game go to the stores
ok the COD MW2 its about the end of the world like USS will start a war with Russia and Russia will blow the White house with a NuClEaR rocket ... the game start with the iraquian war and around the game you play with alot of caracters like CIA agents and marine corps like the character ''Ramires'' the game go around alot of places like Brasil(favelas, the most difficult map) and Russia , Iraq, United Sts and another ones
The game have much impressionant graffics and action to enforce your fps mind in the final off the missions you have to kill a old man , you think this is easy:?
that old man kills you almost 3 times in the game and when you think you will kill him he kills you but WAIT your frind will save your last character with a punch in da old man but you will have to remove a knif from your heart and put in his eyes .... ahaha violence? nop you need to see a mission called no russians in that mission you start with a MG in a elevator and need to kill all the 1000 russians in a airport and they arent bad but just civillians on the begining of the game you have to annihilate a row of russians civillians but your friend gave to you a shot in the final of the mission ]
the game have much off weapons like AKs with differents modules of scopes and redlight cross hairs and some times have a granade lunchers in the gun ooh in one off the missions you is hit by the russians nucleary bomb but you survive and the cross hairs with lavers are turned off and you need to get a gun with no modfies to aim well
around the game some times you need to do a sequence to climb a montain or trow a knif or just to survive.

thats it !