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    Rank Hack for CoD4:MW1 (PC)

    Virus Scans First!!
    Virus Total:

    Virustotal. MD5: 27d5b3fb5c65b65c8a0241ae2188c53a Trojan.Generic.IS.586568 Win-Trojan/Xema.variant Trojan.Generic.IS.586568

    VirScan: MD5:27d5b3fb5c65b65c8a0241ae2188c53a - 16% Scanner(s) (6/37) found malware!

    Might Look "Dirty" But its clean, those are false posetives, because of the actions the program does to change the player data.



    Easy Account v1.3 by BlackDove


    1. Added CoD 4 v1.7 support.


    1. Added CoD 4 v1.6 support.

    2. Fixed bug with Easy Transfer that may have created empty playerstats.txt files.

    3. CoD 4 v1.6 requires a new playstats.txt file. v1.5 and below playerstats.txt files will not work.
    I have included the v1.6 compatible version as playerstats.txt.
    The v1.5 and below compatible version is oldplayerstats.txt.

    Directions: (VERY LONG)

    Easy Account v1.3 by BlackDove

    Easy Account (EA) allows for importing and saving
    CoD 4 accounts (saved unlocks, ranks,
    challenges, etc.)

    Essentially, EA is two programs in one: Easy
    Upgrade and Easy Transfer.

    Accounts are imported and saved in a file called
    playerstats.txt (generated by EA).

    Before using this program, please disable PB by
    renaming the "pb" folder and restart CoD 4.

    After generating a playerstats.txt or upgrading
    your account, you may then rename the folder back
    to "pb".

    To import an account with EA:

    1. A valid playerstats.txt need to be in same folder
    as EA (level 55 playerstats.txt included with EA).

    2. Run CoD 4, and at the menu screen, Alt+Tab
    out of it.

    3. Run EA and select correct game version.

    4. Click Easy Upgrade. You should get this
    message: "Upgrade completed successfully!"

    5. Go back to CoD 4. Your stats should be

    It is best to play several rounds in a non-PB server
    to ensure that modified stats are "locked in."

    Also, be sure you are using a playerstats.txt file that
    is generated from the same game version.
    Otherwise, not all stats may be unlocked.

    To save an account with EA:

    1. Run CoD 4, and at the menu screen, Alt+Tab
    out of it.

    2. Run EA and select correct game version.

    3. If you already have a playerstats.txt in the same
    folder as EA, then you will need to delete, move or
    rename it.

    4. Click Easy Transfer. You should get this
    message: "Easy Transfer completed successfully!"

    5. A playerstats.txt file will now exist in the same
    folder as EA.


    Me (Upload/Re-upload)
    (If i missed anyone, just let me know, I'll Fix this for you. {I need VALID Proof.})
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