I find hilarious the ignorant non-informed makers of this section. Politicians can only be divided into Liberals or Conservatives in a very narrow minded view of the political spectrum, a line, with each politician representing a point on that line. Radical conservatives on the far right, radical liberals on the far left, more centrists towards the middle The American Two Party System is currently (mostly) divided in such a manner, Liberals vs Conservatives, Democrats vs Republicans*. There are, however, political parties that take into account the fact the fact that spectrum actually is more separated into 4 corners. The belief systems that generally align with this spectrum are Liberals/Leftists vs Conservatives/Rightists, and Liberterians/Individualists vs Statists/Communitarianism. So, in short, I present that the name of this section is... PHAIL!

On a note, I know that not all democrats are liberals (and vice versa) and that not all republicans are conservatives (and vice versa), but since the