Not hating on you personally.

Its just that i remember when ppl were topaz whoring it up, everyone had their own style and whatnot. Now its ball whoring. The similarity is the repetition. I think it looks nice(it really does) but you guys have been doing this thing for awhile now.
Also just so you know, i don't just pentool renders lulz.(i wish).

Not my current sig, but the one i'm working on requires a lot of redrawing, coloring, and effects for it to look decent. Manga in general is shit to work with. The scans are almost always shitty and pentool is a nice tool, but hardly useful because you'll just have to go back and fix it anyway. It takes time, little "skill"(if you can call most ps work "skillfull" lol), and really anyone can do it. Just they don't, so i do.