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Aight" and I wasnt trying to start a fight or nothin" I thought you were being a dick for a second :/ Truce?
I hope you do realize that you are in no position to call a truce.
You started it, @Ethereal will end it however he likes.

Also, I'm one of the few people in this section, whose CnC is what you can call of the top level.
Alright, I'm not the greatest artist, hell, I'm not even a good artist, I'm still learning either.
But that I do know, is that I've got an eye for aesthetic works, and will implement CnC on how the work posted by that artist is, and not via any biased opinion.

So please, do not tell me to get the fuck out, because I've been here since 2006, lurking, 2007, became active in using Warrock hacks, and in 2008 I've taken an other path in this forum, and I went for Graphics Designing. I've seen artists like Gourav and Chronologix develop in here. I've seen great artists come and go, such as Kyle and Storm.

I've only got one thing left to say to you, buddy. Choose your flames carefully, but pay even more attention to who you're flaming at.