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    First Graphics?

    So, I'm Psychotic.. Main is banned. Anyways, so today I went to Waterworld and I brang 2 of my best friends, and he was doing the Speedy Racer. He did 3-4 of them, and on his 4th one he was going down and his arm/hand got caught on the turn (mind you, half the race is in a dark tube) so, then his whole arm kind of jerked and bent. He was taken to Paramedics, and he has a severely fractured hand/arm.

    So, when he got back I offered to make him something in Photoshop, just to make him feel better, nonetheless I need practice on it, but here's my final piece. I've only been doing graphics for about 1 and a half day(s), so, mind you I'm not very good. I'm still reading the stickied tutorial in the Tutorials section, but it's helped me out a bit.

    Anyways, just give me some feedback on this, criticize me whether it's bad or good, and try and help me. Tell me how I could make it better. I don't know everything about Photoshop at this point, just been messing around with it at this point. Anyways, hope you like.

    I also JUST learned how to use FX in my text about 1 hour ago. Been messing around with that as well :P.

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    Instead of outer glow on the text, use stroke. Also, the laces and bottom of the sneakers are way too bright, tone it down a bit.
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