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  • Red Dragon 4.0

    42 47.73%
  • Inject Plz

    8 9.09%
  • I can't Choose

    13 14.77%
  • I love them Both

    11 12.50%
  • I don't like them

    14 15.91%
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    Red Dragon Injector 4.0 Injector VS InjectPlz

    WOW...Red Dragon Injector 4.0.1 is Here
    Full Edition

    I know I make to much Injectors as 3.5 was only release last night but let us say this now.....I was talkin to samueldo he was adding a new feature...(I will not say) and i said "To think i had all these features and now my Mind is blank" so i told him i will add my web browser to the injector.....but i had to convert the code from C#.....T_T.... I did it and i also change up the GUI a little because it is a major release. Also added a latest Bar Reader.

    The "" Means Inject Please dont have
    • Duel Fuel Inject
      • Turbo Fuel Inject
      • Direct Fuel Inject
      • Normal Inject
    • Web Browser
    • Latest Bar Reader
    • Date Timer
    • Choob Mode
    • Status Bar
    • DLL and Settings Saving
    • Inject Delay Reader(for Dual Fuel)
    • Setting Log
    • Built in Themes
      • Default
      • Dragon Ball Z
      • Mario
      • Xbox 360
      • Blue Dragon (Pokemon)
    • Theme Saving
    • Inject Delay
    • Unlimited DLL Inject
    • Update Checker
    • Auto and Manual Inject
    • Flash Start
    • Great GUI almost 100% Custimisable
    • Games In Database got Choobs
      • Combat Arms
      • Crossfire
      • More to be added
    • Liquid Cool!(Keep your system on Idle as it chills out)
      1. I said it and here it is
    • All minor updates will be posted to the update alone with a ReadMe...To tell you what the update is for
    • 4.0.1 Update Drag and Drop

    Coming Soon
    The means Injectplz have this
    • New Features i just have to think
    • Gave me more ideas

    Virus Scans!!!
    Virus Scan 1
    Virus Scan 2

    90% ME(I gave it life and i did all the coding my self)
    10% Samueldo (I don't know why i put this here......... anyone knows?)

    All known Bugs Are Fixed
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________
    The Fill was Updated to 4.0.1 because of Drag and drop very important that the program can be moved so the update date will download auto for those who have if it does not... download from here that all i can tell you. The Virus scans have been updated for the new file
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________
    If you Find any Bugs please report it to me
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    • Client/Server (Cloud Server)
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    Quote Originally Posted by topblast View Post
    LOL just close this
    /closed at posters request

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