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    Thumbs up UNDETECTED: neononxxx simple pub

    Hello again,
    I've come to say, Here is a new pub For CA NA.

    F9: Boxes
    F10: No spread and no recoil
    F11: Activation Distance eg. pickup hack
    F12: No fog
    Insert: Removers for less lag.

    Works on:

    Windows 7 32bit
    Windows XP 32bit

    Me for coding it


    CN for the weird address.

    Other people for releasing the sources to help make my own.
    You know who you are.

    Crash, for testing on Windows XP

    Zmansquared for being there to help me along the way.

    A thanks would be appreciated to the fullest extent.

    things you made need for this to work.
    You need the most up to date .NET frame work.
    also you may need Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

    Virustotal. MD5: aaf2fb1d51b668393b484f213016172a
    xxxpubhack.rar - Jotti's malware scan
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    Quote Originally Posted by FatalTrigger View Post
    alot of the reasons its not working for any of these people is cause im willing to bet they are not downloading the studio.
    i've tried everything you've suggested here.. and yes i have all the other .dll's because ive been testing a bunch of other hacks with success..
    what exactly is it you're wanting a screenshot of?
    only difference i can see off the top of my head is i use visual c++ 2010 ~ would that effect at all?

    you have my thanks - i orginally wasnt injecting the DX.dll but even with injecting it - doesnt work.. i will post a screeny of what exactly it is you want

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