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    ************************************************** ********
    Previous Thanks to Downloads Ratio:

    8.0% of people who downloaded NOOB HACK 10.3.10 showed their thanks by pressing the thanks button.


    Let's get this number to 20%.
    ************************************************** ********

    It should be that whenever a user downloads an attachment from a user, it should auto-thank the user who uploaded the attachment? Fair? Decide in the comments.

    Added features from 10.3.10 -> 10.4.10

    • D3D Crosshair On/Off
    • 9 D3D Crosshairs to choose from
    • Magnitudes of Speed hack and jump hack
    • Suicide
    • Player Glow
    • Font Change from Calibri -> Verdana
    • Transparent Menu Background
    • Menu position change
    • vJump and Hover are fixed
    • VIP hacks (opk, telekill, teleport)
    • Fog hue from red -> green (because I said so)


    • Lag Enemies - AKA Aim Prediction. This hack "visually lags" your enemies (and teammates) to help shoot them easily. This does not make you lag, it just seems that they are moving slower.

    • Super Pickup - AKA Activation Distance. This hack lets you pick up or "activate" items (guns, doors, hi sec cases, etc). You must press "E" when you see "Press 'E' to pickup".

    • OPK & Telekill - These are semi. Meaning that they use the random player pointer so it attaches to random players (teammates and enemies) instead of only enemy players.

    • Teleport - First you must turn the hack on. Then go to where to want to teleport to and hit [HOME]. Then, to teleport there, hold [DELETE]. Yeah I fucking make you hold that button!
    • Lag Reducer - Removes unnecessary graphicals.

    Yo NOOB, are you going to update this daily?

    • Probably not, I may update again tomorrow. After that, you won't see as many updates.

    How to Use:
    • Scroll down this post after the credits until you see "NOOB (10.7 KB)".
    • Click "NOOB (10.7 KB)"
    • Click OPEN
    • SELECT ""NOOB 10.4.10.dll", right click, and hit COPY
    • COPY to your desire location (like desktop or documents)
    • Use PerX Injector OR use Flaming Injector by flameswor10
    • Open the injector
    • Hit BROWSE
    • Find the place where you put "NOOB 10.4.10.dll" (location like desktop or documents)
    • Select that file
    • Hit OK
    • Start Combat Arms
    • It will (should) auto inject
    • You will see a message saying "Mission Accomplished - Successful Injection!" with the title "Made by NOOB".
    • When you see NOOB HACK 10.4.10, hit Insert
    • Choose your hacks and ruin Combat Arms!

    Virus Scans (VirusTotal was down):

    • CoderNever - For that tutorial on how to create your own hack.
    • flameswor10 - His hotkey base put me on the right track, gave me PTC method, and is a good friend.
    • ac1d_buRn - For his awesome address logger and his functions thread.
    • DeadLinez - His PTC commands thread was super helpful.
    • Hans211 - For the menu base
    • Gellin - For his base
    • whit - For combining Hans' and Gellin's base.
    • topblast - For his base, OPK and Telekill
    • ppl2pass - Teleport
    • CodeDemon - Addies thread
    • mmbob - Transparent box

    Last edited by NOOB; 10-04-2010 at 05:21 PM.

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    ^Thanks to RJ^

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