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    Advanced GP, and Shop Hack MHS

    Alright I'm not going to take credit if its not due. Say as in.. I came last in figuring this out but. using the MHS money hack as a refference here.

    I learned that if you set your "current value" for your EXP alongside "value when locked" to 1,500,000 the shop will think your an astrix rank and thus allow you to buy whatever the heck you want.
    quite nice. I also palyed around to find that if set to 1,172,999
    you can earn 7k GP after every game. and before anyone makes a smart comment like in the refference thread "its my choice to call it GP. call it whatever you want but i dont care what you think of my name for ingame money"
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    the link seems to be broken on L. Spiros site, i dont know if its possible for you to post an external download, but if you could i will love you long time o.O

    Edit: now i feel like a stupid is OLD
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