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    Post In-depth Tutorial (*Money Hack*)

    Okay since many of you are eager for this hack and the other features of xp hacking I will enlighten you.
    Money Hack:
    - Open MHS (for vista: right -click and run as administrator)

    - Open Combat Arms

    - Lock MHS onto Combat Arms ( in MHS: file - Open Process - Engine.exe - Open Restricted)

    - Go into Combat Arms

    - Find your XP ( go into the store and click on your name look at Experience Points [example: 4000 xp])

    - Go into MHS and click the SINGLE magnifying glass

    - (in the box that appears) You should see Long and Exact Value in 2 selectable boxes, if you don't select them

    - Type in your Xp [Example's is: 4000 xp] into the box, just below Long and Exact Value, that is writable

    - Click OK and wait for it to search, it'll finish soon and say some number of codes found [Example's : 46], if you find just 1-3 than skip the next 4 steps

    1- Now go back into Combat Arms and play a game all the way through (so you get xp in the end)
    2- Take your new xp [ Example's is: 4065 xp, gained 65 from playing] and Click the DOUBLE Magnifying Glass
    3- Make sure Long and Exact Value are the same as the first time, type in your new xp value [ Example's is: 4065 xp]
    4- Now Click OK you should get 1-4 codes when it's done.

    - Double click those codes to make them appear together on the large box on MHS

    - Select them all (this will turn them blue) and right-click them

    - Select MODIFY

    - Now there are two boxes you can right in, one at the top and one at the bottom, type in the bottom

    - In the bottom box (under Value When Locked) type in 1073999 exactly as shown

    - Now click OK and you'll notice that something changed in the line up under Value when Locked row

    - Select them all again, and right click and press Lock Selected

    - Congratulations you have now finished you will earn 7k GP every game you play

    Common errors:
    - Forgot to Lock/ Modify/ Select all the codes on the list
    - Looked for a different type of xp number and not the Experience Points
    - Set Value When Locked too high
    - Forgot to play a game and take the new xp value.

    Now for other xp hacks:
    When you have ALL this done up to the part with Value When Locked type in these other ones for other hacks (this will eliminate the 7k until you put the value back to what I have sayed)
    Hack Value When Locked
    Buy Whatever in shop 8000000
    Get into Recruit Section 100
    Get 7k after everygame 1073999
    Others will be added...

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    this is patched after yesterday.

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    Works no moar.

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