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    need ESP Help? In-Depth Tutorial

    Why this Hack works/ How?
    It tricks the game into thinking that you are on the other team, since most of the team based credentials are server sided the things that are client sided (allies names, etc.) is the only thing that works, so it makes the game believe they are your allies, and since they have the game thinking your their enemy you can kill them.
    How to do it:

    - Open MHS (for vista: right click, run as administrator)

    - Open Combat Arms

    - Lock MHS on to Combat Arms (in MHS: file - Open Process - Engine.exe)

    *- Go into Combat Arms and enter a game under Alpha Team

    - Switch to MHS once you are "playing"

    - Click the SINGLE Magnifying Glass

    - Look for the box with Long in it, Click it and bring down the 'Drag
    Menu' and look for Unsigned Long (or Long Unsigned) Select it

    - Now Type in the writable box the value 1, and click OK. This will
    take a very very long time

    - After it's done you will see LOTS of codes, approximately 15000 codes

    - Now leave to the Game room, change teams to Bravo and join in the game again

    - once you are 'playing,' switch back to MHS and click on the DOUBLE Magnifying Glass

    - Select Unsigned Long (or Long Unsigned) again (click on the box with Long and bring down the 'Drag Menu,' select it)

    - This time type in the value 2 into the Writable box and click OK. This as well, may take a long time

    - After this is done, you may find 2 different things:

    1- Lots and Lots of Codes (If this then repeat from the asterix (*) symbol)
    2- 3-6 codes (if this then go ahead to the next step)

    //Note: Don't skip because you're lazy, if you have more than 6 or so codes than repeat!

    - When you have 3-6 codes (or less, in rare cases) select them from the list and double click them all so they appear in the main large box in MHS

    - Now Select them all, and right click and press Modify, under Value When Locked type 1 or 2, depending on the team you are versing

    If you are on Alpha team and are going to be fighting Bravo, then the value you want is 2.

    If you are on Bravo team and are going to be fighting Alpha, then the value you want is 1.

    - Now Click OK, select the Codes again right click and press Lock Selected

    Normal Faults:
    - Doesn't go back and repeat the steps at the asterix (*)
    - Types in the wrong number into Values when Locked
    - Doesn't Lock the Value

    For you Information:
    1 = Alpha
    2 = Bravo
    So what's 0, well...
    0 = Solo
    You can type 0 into it and get spawn almost anywhere (may not work as said)

    Thank me if I helped...

    Thanks to:
    Wackamole (-other forums-)
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    there is a value you will allways get only 1 adress (calling adress 1)
    then look for a adress you need like (calling adress 2)

    calm: adress1-adress2=value1

    next time you start ca
    look for adress 1 and

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    ok i know this is noob question but can some1 pm me how to get mhs to work or a public uce?

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