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    [Tutorial]How to run every game smoothly without ANY lag.

    Ok, so just computer got busted because of a major virus. Had to format it because the hard drive was burned.

    Anyways, before I formatted, my computer was pretty slow...I suspected a malware or some sort of virus to be causing the slowness..

    I went and looked on a couple of speed improvement sites and found out a lot of new info.

    This can help you DRAMATICALLY increase your game-play speed. DRAMATICALLY.


    First off, you need to be willing to format your whole computer. You can obviously back your data up on a dvd disc by compressing it into an ISO (*A good tool for ISO burning is DaemonTools*)

    Second off, you need a MINIMUM of 60gb HD, and 726 MB of ram.

    Ok, so first off go and find yourself a copy of an XP you like (or vista if you prefer, but XP works better for this)
    My recommendation is Tiny XP. It's blazing fast and has everything you need already installed on it (My copy did).

    Then, when you boot up your CD, and you come at the screen where it asks you to choose a partition to install the XP on, don't do anything yet.

    You should see 1~3 partitions, each with a certain amount of space & names.

    This is how mine was :

    1. HP backup & Data recovery Partition (8357MB)
    2. HP harddrive partition (180395MB)
    3. Unpartitioned Space (3MB).

    So those are the TOTAL amount of space left. What I did was highlight the 2nd one ( my main partition ) and then pressed D which would take me to the "Delete partition" area. Then , I continued on with deleting it.

    It asks you to confirm it once or twice..just type YES or press the number for continuing or whatever it is.

    Afterwards, you can go ahead and create a new partition in the "Unpartitioned space".

    After you highlight it (select it), you press C , which will take you to the "Create partition" screen.

    At this screen, you can choose the size in MB of your partition. The main use of this little trick is to be able to have a fast partition for gaming, and another for data storing & downloads , etc...

    So mine had about 180GB of space, so I put one partition to 80gb (for gaming) and one to 100gb (for data , storage, and downloads).

    Now, I can download all my crap on one partition, and the slowness of all those downloads taking up the space won't affect my "Gaming" partition.

    Depending on the size of your hard drive, and your personal likings, you can change the size of the partition. For example, if you only have 1 game you play, like Combat Arms for example, but it runs super slow on your 512MB ram computer, and you want to speed it up and have 100GB hard drive space, you can set 1 partition for data & storage to 80gb, and the other for gaming to 20gb , so you will have a lot of space for your data while having more than enough for your gaming.

    OKAY! After finishing creating your partitions & setting the sizes for them, you can go ahead and select whichever one you want to select and start setting it up and installing your windows on it.

    Before, I was getting around 19 FPS when I had fraps on (not recording, just on) for combat arms, and the screen was super laggy.

    Now I run it with over 80FPS with the medium texture settings @ 1024x768 resolution <--- Not sure if that is the exact resolution...

    Anyways, I hope this helps you if you're experiencing FPS lag in your games, and I hope this was a useful tutorial.

    ****ALTERNATE METHOD **** :

    Okay, I totally forgot about shrinking your partition and creating a new one from the leftover space.

    Thanks to Ice_Chief for pointing that out.

    Yes, you can shrink your core partition and make a new partition for your gaming from the remaining space. I've never done this before, but have seen it on other friends' computers.

    ***I do not know how to shrink a partition. You can ask Ice_Chief about that***
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