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    Exclamation [RELEASE]BIG BUNDLE OF Hacks...

    Table of Contents:
    1. CA windowed mode
    2. Updated Pointers (Link)
    3. Sp trainer
    4. Nub-friendly SPEED HACK
    6. Triggerbot (Link)
    7. OPK trainer (Link)
    8. UCE table (updated + Link)
    9. Trainer (updates often + Link)
    10. Guds public trainer
    11. TJrulez uber noob hack pack
    12. Getting blacked out weapons with out hacks
    13. Harolds Bypass 2.5

    1) ***Windowed Mode for CA***
    Quote Originally Posted by viper131 View Post
    1. Download the file attached (d3d9.dll)
    2. Place it in your Combat Arms installation directory
    3. Start Combat Arms
    4. When u press windows button or alt+tab you need to bring up task manager and right click the proccess and click Minimize. If you click Maximize you will be stuck.

    You do not need a working bypass for this, as of right now.
    I don't take credit for this file as it's made by Microsoft.

    NOTE: The game is set to run the menus in 1024 x 768 so
    if that's the resolution you are using go to your options and change it
    to 800 x 600 and you will be in windowed mode when you start a game.

    I recommend this to people running higher resolutions than 1024 x 768.

    ************** Free Webhosting
    2) ^^^Updated POINTERS^^^ (Thx combatant)

    3) ***SP TRAINER***
    Quote Originally Posted by viper131 View Post
    this is a little trainer i found
    go in game and press F12 and u should have unlimited SP if u dont try again!

    i take no responsibility if it doesnt work. this is something i found.
    and if u cant open with windows extractor use WINRar enjoy
    Credits: sick sea

    Scanned it... its clean trust me.
    4) ***SPEEDHACK nub friendly***
    Quote Originally Posted by viper131 View Post
    Sup all. Just thought I'd make a new tutorial. And just like the other one, I'll keep it updated as much as I can.

    LATEST UPDATE 8/10/08

    Step 1. Download Cheat Engine: (direct link)

    Step 2. use harolds bypass

    Step 3. Open up the bypass, it should look like this:
    Step 4. Open up Combat Arms and log in.
    Step 5. Open up Cheat Engine and attach it to Engine.exe:
    Step 6. Click on the checkbox beside "Enable Speedhack":
    Step 7. After clicking on the checkbox, set it to whatever you want. I personally use somewhere between 5.0-10.0. The normal speed is 1.5/1.6.


    Q: I sometimes get kicked out and it says that a speedhack has been detected.
    A: Sometimes it does this. Just try doing it again. Expect this to happen occasionally.

    Q: When I try and chat with a friend or buy a weapon, I get "An Error Has Occurred With
    Q: Does this work for Vista?
    A: Yes.

    Q: I get "Could not Inject .dll"
    A: That's because you already have it open. Go to your task manager and make sure Combat Arms is closed and Engine.exe is not in the list of processes.
    Credits: shaneboy
    5) ***GP AND LVL BOT***
    Quote Originally Posted by viper131 View Post

    This is not meant for u to get kills and stuff. its meant to automatically put u ingame while ur afk or asleep. if u want to get kills at the same time use a trigger bot or any aimbot but u need chams for the trigger bot or aimbot to work so dont complain if u dont kill... maybe the next version will incorperate a trigger bot that is effecient or a sloppy aimbot so u dont look obvious.

    Well i wrote a macro that will let you gain EXP and GP while your away or asleep.

    Here is what it does

    1. Finds an open game and joins it.
    2. Presses Ready/Start and joins the game
    3. Waits for the game to finish
    4. Repeats

    Included features:
    - Built in lobby advertising so you can advertise your clan or website (optional)
    - Every 10 minutes if your not inside a game, it will exit the game lobby and go into the server lobby, this prevents getting stuck in a dead game
    - Will handle the "You Classed Up!" and the "You've been invited to..." messages
    - Will detect if entering game lobby failed, and reenter another game
    - Will play out any errors, allowing them to fix themselves
    - Prevents from getting kicked due to inactivity
    -Works perfectly on ANY Combat Arms resolution

    Added with v2:
    - Will throw grenades periodically if you turn this feature on (if you want to use this, fire key must be changed to K)
    - Will run around periodically if you turn this feature on
    - Will not join One Man Army games if you turn feature off

    New to v3:
    - Advertise On/Off switch
    - Advertise message location
    - Run distance changer
    - MilliSecBetween runs modifier
    v3 Fixes:
    - Throwing and running work more than once now.How to use:

    1. Open caLevelBot.mac or caLevelBot v2.mac in the CA Level Bot folder
    2. Log onto CA and pick a server to bot in, but dont pick a game.
    3. Go to macro and click Macro -> Start Macro
    4. Watch, then leave and do whatever you want
    5. Tell me if it worked for you, since this is still BetaPros/Cons

    - Massive EXP and GP gained while your away
    - You can advertise your clan
    - Your KPG may go to hell and your KD might lower a bitI found the coords with CE so the macro will work for anyone.

    You do not need a bypass to use this

    v2 removed since it had so many problems

    Credits: Philly0494

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (lvl bot)
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (lvl bot v3)
    **********: Easy Filehosting (Video Tut) Password for file : achkiller

    Credits for video: achkiller

    Thank me if it works for you
    6) ^^^Trigger Bot^^^ (Thx blah)

    7) ^^^OPK TRAINER^^^

    8)***UCE Table*** (Updated) (Thx pownage017

    9)***Often updating trainer*** (Thx LaBe1)

    10)***Gudsoldiers trainer*** (Thx Gud)

    11)***TJrulez noob friendly hack pack***

    12)*** BLACKED OUT WEAPONS W/O HACKS*** iGascan)

    13)***Harolds Bypass V2.5*** Harold We Couldn't Hack With Out You :P)

    Thank me and level up my animal if this helped :P!
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    When I click the checkbox for "enable speedhack" is disappears..

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