Well everyone as we all know the GP hack does not work anymore. But there might be a solution. I think the solution could be a couple things such as tricking the server in to giving you equipment without buying it or freeze the time period of the equipment so they never expire. There are more possible ways that we might be able to hack the gear system and get all the stuff we want from the shop. But we need to find something client-sided and not server-side because they fixed the packet sending issue. I have a idea of a way to do this. Here is what i think that might be possible. Well everyone you know the vest hack and backpack hack? Well my theory is some what like this...Every gun might have a special id if we can find these id's we can make it look like we have the gun in storage or already bought or equipped just like the backpack it fools the game and make it look like you have an advanced backpack instead of a standard or other backpacks. So there should be away with other equipments other then the backpack and vest. Well this is just an idea i am still looking in to this so far i haven't got much luck.