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    Talking How to get locked wepaons without hacks

    Go to to read previous FAO and infomation.


    Q: How come I can't get the Black Scar?
    A: It depends how fast your mouse is. Double clicking at the right speed should appear a buy button on the blacked out wepaon.

    Q: Can I post complains about Black Scar or anything about Nexon?
    A: Yes. But only post once of those things.

    Q: Why post it on
    A: Becuase gamecheetah and gam3rzplan3t are lag websites!

    How to get locked weapons:

    1. First to Combat Arms shops.
    2. Click an unlockable weapon above the blacked out weapon
    3. Click messenger(Do not exit it out)
    4. Double click the blacked out weapon(Must click at a certian speed)
    5. Press buy!

    Here the video:
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    You already made a thread, edit it with a fucking video. Waste of my time you fucking noob. Piss off.
    Stop flaming each other, it helps no one, and causes a step backwards rather than a step forwards.

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