Okay guys yes this is really off topic i decided to post it here anyways because some parts of this thread talk about CA. Well guess my reason for making this thread today is to ask around a see if CE is detected or undetected by the other game guards such as PB and other game guards. Well the reason i ask this is because CA is one of the easiest games ive came a crossed to hack. But the other games seem a bit harder due to most of the addresses are server-sided. But it seems like CA has alot of client-sided addresses which was a complete fuck up by Nexon. But anyways i was wondering if CE was undetected by PB i am really asking if CE is detected by PB because i would like to try and find some great hacks on games protected by PB but i am a little afraid of doing anything on a PB protected game. I have never tried to hack on a PB protected game due to unknown detections and plus if you get banned from PB thats not just one game thats way over twenty or more games. So if anyone knows if CE is detected or undetected please tell me and if its detected please tell me other programs i can use such as MHS or something. Also if anyone wants to tell me any client-sided hacks on a PB game then please go ahead if you wish too. Well thanks guys for reading also sorry about the off topic.